My Tour Poster

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This is my music tour poster which I created using Photoshop and Indesign. The image I used came from a shoot that I did for a previous task.

To create this, firstly I took an image of the model and the watercolour background into Photoshop and edited them. To make the model blend into the background I added a watercolour effect onto it and changed the transparency of the model so that she wasn’t just on top of the background.

I then flattened the image and exported it into Indesign and picked out my different text sizes and where to place the text. Another key factor that I had to choose was the font colour and the font itself so that it was appropriate for my genre of music.

This is my self assessment where I pointed out what I thought went well and what I thought could have gone better.

Feedback on the Brief

Your comment: I think it fulfilled most of what is included in the brief however it did not include where to download the music.
Feedback on colours:

  • Has the design used a consistent colour scheme?
  • Is there a relationship between the colours in the image and the colour of the graphic design?
  • Do the colours seem typical of the genre?
Your comment:  The colours are all quite similar mainly consisting of soft and pale blues, purples and yellows with a watercolour effect to match the images.
Feedback on typeface:

  • Is all the text legible?
  • Is the typeface well chosen and does it suit the apparent genre?
  • How many typefaces are used in the design?
Your comment: I tried to use fonts that were bold and easy to read but still fit in with my music genre.
Feedback on integration of image and graphics

  • Does the text wrap around the image well?
  • Does the eyeline of the model focus attention?
Your comment: I think I could have found an image or rearranged the text to make the models eyeline fall onto the main text but the text is easy to read around the image.
Feedback on image

  • Does the costume reflect a particular genre?
  • Is the body language of the model appropriate?
Your comment: In the image that was used the costume is not seen however you can see her flower crown and facial expression which I think is appropriate for the music genre.
Feedback on copy

  • Do the words on the page prompt a sense of desire?
  • Is there a clear call and a route to action? (AIDA)
Your comment: In my opinion, the poster is clear in what it is trying to tell the audience.
Feedback on connotations

  • What messages and ideas are being communicated in the text?
  • Do those messages and ideas seem appropriate to the genre and purpose of the text?
Your comment:  The poster uses very soft and delicate colours with no bold and in your face words or phrases, that I believe are appropriate for the genre of music.


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