So… I am ready to photograph my stars.

After all the focusing I have done on camera and mise en scene I feel like I am ready to photograph my main cover stars for my music magazine. I am now aware of how certain camera angles can represent and portray many different settings and moods, this has helped me to decide that I want to take lower angled photographs of my models so that they come across as intimidating and aggressive to my audience. I will also use mid-shots so that the facial expressions and costume are included in my images so that I get a good representation of the characters my models are portraying.

As for mise en scene, this is important in getting the right message and influence across for the genre of music that I have chosen. I have decided to use two different outfits for my models, the first style of outfit is the stereotypical baggy joggers or holey leggings with small tops. My second outfit style is a more glamorous style of hip hop relating back to my star image of Nicki Minaj who wears dresses and heals/boots with formal and bold makeup, to do this I plan to use mainly black and gold clothing with bold lip colours and metallic eye make-up.


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