Test Shoots

This is a 20 second clip using audio from our final song that we have created to practice and experiment with different shots and angles and how they affect meaning. As this was a very quick and unplanned task, I feel like our group did very well and showed their strengths and good initiative.

  • During the production after we had filmed the necessary shots
  • We decided to get more shots than we needed so that when it came to editing we had a good choice and range of shots to use in case we were unhappy with some without having to go and re-film which would have been very time consuming and ruined the continuity of the video, with the weather and overall mise-en-scene.


  • We did have some issues with technical aspects because our tripod wasn’t the most stable which resulted in some shots being shaky and unstable.
  • As for the Mise-en-scene, the location we picked was genre appropriate
  • However what the model was wearing could have been better but this isn’t a major issue as the shoot was not planned in advance and it was just a practice for getting shots and working a camera.

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