Star Image Planning

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This is our star image planning which is an in depth analysis of our star. This includes images from their website, album covers, Instagram posts and images of the band. Doing this helps us to direct our performers to behave and convey appropriate, conventional actions and attitudes of the genre that make up the overall meta-narrative of our star.

From doing this we saw that our star could be very interactive and friendly with their fans but they are also very sincere and passionate in their music and digi pack designs. This shows that our star is very enthusiastic about creating music for their fans and keeping them updated with new albums and tour dates. We have also notices that there photos conventionally have a black and white filter on them giving them a negative or grungy feel due to the lack of colour and vibrancy which can portray them as empathetic to their audience.

By creating this moodboard of compiled images of the band using album covers and posts on social media,  it has enable us to understand the band making it easier to direct our performers to act in a similar way to help them fit within the genre.

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