Narrative Development

Above is the narrative structure for my groups music video. This also includes how we plan to edit the narrative in post production.

We have chosen to edit anachronistically due to the nature of our narrative, we will cut to different aspects of the narrative throughout our music video keeping some order and rhythm but generally anachronic. The original idea of breaking up the door was to represent the star breaking away from addiction. Now we have added a new narrative that revolves around the seven deadly sins where the equlibrium is the star looking at all of his sins and taking them in and the resolution is the star cutting the cord to the representations of his sins.

Because we have chosen a rock song we will be mainly focusing our video around the performance, which is typical to the genre. This is because we want to sell the performers identity to the audience and show their emotion and relation to the song, meaning the narrative we include will accompany the performance. The narrative star will have a more visual and emotional appeal to get across messages of bad habits and traits and cutting the cord of his past bad life.

Finally, the narrative does not have a strict story so it essentially will just end where we feel it will be appropriate in the video. This is because we have invented the character to be quite general so it gets the message across that anyone and all types of people can feel like this.

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