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This is a previous students work from another center.

The accessibility of this website is good as it is easily accessed by people in other countries as long as they have the name of the site.

The overall navigation of the website is very good, the navigation bar moves with the page meaning that you don’t have to scroll up and down the page to get to another. As you scroll down all of the pages listed in the navigation bar are there in order, highly visible and well labelled. This makes looking through the web page much quicker because you don’t have to wait for the page you have selected to load. The consistency of this web page shows the thorough planning and gives off a professional look

The information given about the star is detailed and gives you an insight into how the band came to be, where they originated from and how they found fame. This is useful as it is gives the band a personal identity instead of just being famous musicians. This fulfills the audiences uses and gratifications as they can fell like they know the stars and create a personal bond/relationship.

The branding of the website conveys a consistent brand image of pastel colours mixed with grungy, dark and indie vibes spreading through their music video. This suggests that the students put a lot of time and planning into their theme to make sure it is consistent to the brand making it distinguishable to their fans. However, the only downside to their web page is that it is unclear if their ‘discography’ is their digi-pack or a completely different thing.


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