Contact Sheet

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This is a contact sheet of all the images from our shoot for our Digi-Pack. We created this so that we could easily and clearly see all of the images we took so that is was easier to create a short list.

This is our short listed contact sheet of our favourite images from the shoot

Feedback on mock up and targets

After creating our mock-up digi-pack, we decided to get some feedback from peers asking them what vibe they got from the digi-pack and what genre they thought it was. This is important as it gives us more of an idea on how symbols, colours and patterns can affect how an audience receives media. From doing this we learnt that we want to go with the grungy and heavy vibe for our digi-pack, using images of wreckage and symbols.

Digi-Pack Moodboard

This is our moodboard that we created. We did this to help us plan what we want to include n our own Digi-Pack, things like colours, patterns and designs. Doing this will make it easier when it comes to digitally creating our Digi-Pack as we will be more prepared and already have some sort of idea as to what we want it to look like. We are going for anarchic and rugged symbols, we also want to include derelict and abandoned hotels and sites to create a tone of abandonment and wreckage.

Digipak – Previous Students Work

Camera and Photoshop:

In my opinion the use of camera is good, the quality of the images are really clear and the images a nicely placed. I think the use of photoshop and design is extremely creative and powerful in this digi-pack, as the two merged faces are very eye-catching and attractive especially with the manipulated eyes, drawing you in the look more intensely and pay more attention to the digi-pack as a whole.


The mise-en-scene in this digi-pack is very conventional to the Acid-Jazz genre. The consistency of the colours and patterns makes the overall design appealing, it is simplistic but gives of an intricate and eye-catching vibe. The patterns communicate a dazed and confusing illusion that is set out to entrance its audience as if they were on acid, to make them feel enticed to buy the album and enjoy the music.

The typeface:

This is an easy to read, classic and simple style of font which is conventional to the genre. The simplicity of the font adds to the hypnotic patterns decorating the album. The position of the text is nicely placed. On the front cover the main text is perfectly centered and easy to identify, the back page is well layed out as the text wraps around the image, is clear to see and read but doesn’t take any attention away from the image. The placing of the text on the inner left of the digi-pack adds to the vibe of being in a daze and under an illusion because it is loosely placed and looks like it could be moving around freely.

Overall the use of colour, imagery and typeface all together ties in well with the genre and compliments each other to look presentable and effective in conveying the digi-packs message.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

In one of our lessons an experienced media editor came in to give us some ideas and to answer any questions we had about editing and effects.

In this screenshot it shows that Lenny taught how to search for effects. We used this new skill to search for an effect called Fuji to add to our video . This affect added a cooler tone to our video changing the mood to be more suitable as it added a colder and harsher edge to the stars and their vibe became more serious.

This shows that Lenny taught us how to add a new adjustment layer so that it is easier to apply affects to whole video instead of spending ages adding the same affects to individual clips.

In this screenshot we selected the new adjustment layer so that we can use the effects tab to change the appearance of the effect. The narrative appeared more dream like yet the maintained angles on the shot imply a severity and attention required to understand and interpret the shot. By including deep lighting effects, the mood created makes the band appear grungier which makes the mise en scene even more genre appropriate.