A New Improved Contents Page

After receiving peer feedback I have created this new and improved version of my contents page.

To improve I changed the background from plain black to a black and white gradient to make it more interesting and dimensional, I have also changed the font, size and colour of the text so it stands out more against the background. Making these changes has made my contents page less boring and more attractive than it was before.



Feedback & Reflection on Draft 2

After completing my first draft of my contents page I received some feedback from a peer on how I could improve it.

The positive feedback that I received was:

  • The colour scheme is good
  • The images are appropriate for the genre
  • The layout works

To improved I was told to:

  • Add a more interesting background
  • Put the numbers that are relevant to the artists next to their images
  • Change the size and colour of the numbers
  • Add a Pug to direct the readers to the free offer of the magazine
  • Change the font of the actual contents

I now plan to take these comments and apply them in creating a new and improved contents page.

2nd Shoot Contact Sheets


This first contact sheet is the images that I am most likely to use in my magazine. I like these ones because the angles are right and they tell a story of either anger and hostility or a possible love story. In this shoot I needed the models to look hostile and aggressive to show that they are arguing, however I also wanted some shots of them looking happy together to give me the option to create a love story for them.

I don’t really like these because I don’t really like the angles or they are not fitting to my music genre. Some of these images are blurry or the models broke character and were not using the right facial expressions for the genre.

Risk Assessment

This risk assessment is for our off location shoot. The reason I created this is so that me and my models are aware of the risks we face going to do a shoot away from school, we also came up with ways to avoid/control these risks so that we know what to do in advance and we wont be unprepared if something does go wrong.

A New Improved Front Page

This is my new and improved front cover.

After receiving the feedback from one of my peers, I re-edited the image of my models to make it a cleaner cut and less ridged. I then moved some of the text around and added a drop shadow to my main cover line. Another problem was the cover lines being hard to read to fix this I added a black border around the letters to make them more defined and overall easier to read.

Feedback and Reflection on Draft 1

After completing the first draft of my front cover I have received some feedback on how I can improve my final cover.

Good Points were;

  • Good use of photoshop
  • Good editing
  • Colour theme goes well with genre and models.

I was told that to improve I can;

  • Move my plug closer to the masthead
  • Refine the models outline in photoshop
  • Make the coverlines clearer and easier to read
  • Move the publish date down to where the barcode is
  • Add insets to fill the page a bit more