Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

This is our rough cut of our performance shoot. It has not been synced to the audio as it is just a compilation of our best shots. Creating this video was useful because it gave us a chance to really watch all of our footage and decide what works well and what doesn’t fit. It also made us aware of checking our shots so that their aren’t any unwanted objects in the shot like bags and other equipment.

Overall we all worked really well together, evenly distributing the roles of filming and directing between each other. Any disagreements on what worked and what didn’t were decided fairly and calmly.

What went well:

  • Good use of location
  • Good use of angles
  • Good use of mise-en-scene
  • Good performance overall
  • Good organisation

What could have been better:

  • More planning of shots prior to shoot
  • Be more aware of what can be seen in the shot
  • Better tracking shot

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

For our first performance shoot we went to a bunker in St.Saviours where we used many parts of the location to get different settings and so we could get different lighting and angles.

What went well:

  • We had most of the technical equipment needed
  • We had all of the props and costumes we wanted
  • Good shots were produced with plenty to spare
  • Good use of space and location
  • Overall we were well prepared and ready for our shoot

What could have been better:

  • We could have done a better tracking shot but we didn’t have the proper equipment needed to do one
  • The Lighting kept changing which is beyond our control but sometimes affects our mise-en-scene
  • In some shots we can see equipment that is not being used which runs the shot.


Risk Assessment

It is important to produce a risk assessment so that we are aware in advance of the hazards and accidents that could occur while we are shooting, this is also means that we are more prepared to handle the situation if anything happens.

Ollie also went to the location the day before to meet with the owners of the site so that we had more of an idea of what could go wrong and how to deal with the cautions.

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

In a previous lesson my group had the pleasure of talking to a professional in the creative sector for the Specsavers company. We were able to receive some feedback from him about our practise work and some features on premiere pro that will help us during post production.

One of the key elements we spoke about was lighting, this is because the rock genre benefits greatly from the use of shadows and highlights to give the environment contrast and life.  We were told a great way of controlling lighting was to use multiple light sources to cover a larger or more specific area. Colour was also another mention as light walls reflect better and give a more even spread of the lighting throughout, dark walls on the other hand absorb light and may allow you to create a silhouette of the performers to give them that mysterious unidentifiable image.

Secondly, we were shown some editing features that allow us to modify lighting and image quality in post production. This included exploring the features of Lumetri colour correction, video opacity and overlay, and the many tint features which added a grain on a video clip. He then explained how using each of these features in moderation can give a very dark undertone which suits the rock genre fairly well. A final word from him was that although lighting is important, we have to focus on getting a good amount of it and not overdoing each effect in the final draft.

Having received this in depth feedback and being taught a few new features that may assist in our final video, my group will be able to produce a more appealing and unique music video.

Permission from artist

This is our email to the artists asking for their permission to use their song for our music video. We are still waiting for a reply as their confirmation for us to use their song is imperative as it would prevent legal action being taken for copyright.

Visual Shot List for Performance Shoot

From completing this task of identifying shots from music videos of the same genre, we have shown that we understand how different shots can affect a music video and how artists from the rock genre use it to their advantage and make their videos appealing to their audience. The use of long shots really show the whole surroundings and give us a feel of where the performers are and give context to the video whereas a close-up gives us more detail usually of the performers and how they look and what facial expressions/ body language are being used to convey the message of the song.

The performers videos that we have used are, Hinder, System Of A Down and Shinedown.

Test Shoots

This is a 20 second clip using audio from our final song that we have created to practice and experiment with different shots and angles and how they affect meaning. As this was a very quick and unplanned task, I feel like our group did very well and showed their strengths and good initiative.

  • During the production after we had filmed the necessary shots
  • We decided to get more shots than we needed so that when it came to editing we had a good choice and range of shots to use in case we were unhappy with some without having to go and re-film which would have been very time consuming and ruined the continuity of the video, with the weather and overall mise-en-scene.


  • We did have some issues with technical aspects because our tripod wasn’t the most stable which resulted in some shots being shaky and unstable.
  • As for the Mise-en-scene, the location we picked was genre appropriate
  • However what the model was wearing could have been better but this isn’t a major issue as the shoot was not planned in advance and it was just a practice for getting shots and working a camera.

Pitch + Feedback

Above is the video for our feedback on our pitch.

Here is some feedback that we were given:

  • The song feels very passionate and energetic, which makes a good music video.
  • The costumes should all be different but still be somewhat linked together to match the personas of the band members.

The narrative is all about overcoming obstacles and  becoming free and cutting the chains holding them back.

  • Don’t film on a beach as it is not appropriate to the genre, use a dilapidated, abandoned area to really get across the point of the narrative.
  • Should use metaphors alongside practical representations to give the video some depth and to get people thinking rather than being absolutely transparent.
  • Give the actions and atmosphere a reason for being what it is.