Music Video Draft 4

This is some peer feedback that we received for our final draft on how it could have been improved.

Our targets for improvement are:

  • Should include faster pace editing and cutting when the song is more built up to create a more powerful effect
  • Could have used more close ups on the singer to focus on emotions to add meaning to the lyrics and connect with the audience
  • A wider variety of shots such as; pan shot, tracking shot, extreme close-up would have also been useful



Music Video Draft 3

This is draft 3 for our music video which was made using the feedback we received from our second draft.

What went well:

  • The energy and mise en scene of the performers
  • Locations used are good
  • Visual affects have been added to parts of the video to enhance colours.

what could be improved:

  • Faster paced edits
  • More close ups or lead singer
  • Add in more narrative shots

These are the reviews that we received from our peers.

New Storyboard/PMA

This is the storyboard for our new narrative which is based around the seven deadly sins. We changed our narrative because the idea we had before was not planned thoroughly enough so it didn’t make sense and didn’t fit the genre and typical conventions of our music video which focuses on aggression and breaking free.

Feedback from teacher

This is the feedback that we received for our music video from our teacher.
What went well:
  • The shot of the performers entering
  • Good individual shots
  • Straight to main singer is good
  • Great edit with the door being smashed at 2:43
  • Great venue
  • Great main performer
  • Great props and mise en scene
  • Good narrative with Ollie

What could have been better:

  • Beginning drummer slightly out of time
  • Suddenly somewhere else
  • Have band as group at first then progress to individual shots
  • Some syncing is off
  • Face covered by microphone
  • More energy in the edit
  • Too many venues at once
  • Connection with camera on and off
  • Close ups at pertinent places in song
  • More narrative, continuity
  • Lucie not relevant
  • Not much movement in shots, too static

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is our second draft for our music video, which we have incorporated our narrative shoot into.

I think that this draft went well and is quite effective however, the pace in some parts of the video is quite slow for the song and could do with quicker, most fast pace editing.

What went well:

  • Most of the shots are cut to the beat
  • The visual is well synced to the audio
  • We have good shots of the performance

What could have gone better:

  • Faster pace in editing
  • More narrative and continuity
  • Including the missing shots

Audience Ideologies

This is a dating profile that I have created that would be a suitable persona for a potential audience member to the artists of Shinedown. To create this I used YouGov to gather some information on who listens to shinedown with factors such as: Age, Occupation, Location and disposable income.

To know your audience is key, so they can more easily decode what we encode and enjoy it.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Below are some images of the group filming the narrative shoots.
Overall I think that the shoots went very well, although we did have to redo one shoot as we didn’t get the best shots. The first shoot with Lucie did not go to plan because of the heat and because of the models clothing so we decided that it would be best to do a re-shoot on a cooler day and giving the model a more in depth costume preference for the video. We are also going to plan the shoot better as our first one was very disorganized and sloppy.

What went well:

  • Good use of props
  • Great mise en scene with the use of location and Ollie’s costume
  • The use of angles and camera techniques

What could have gone better:

  • The costume worn by Lucie isn’t the most appropriate but it is okay
  • We should have planned our second shoot in advance
  • Giving Lucie more instructions with her costume

Risk Assessment

We have created this risk assessment as a safety precaution so that we a aware and prepared for any accidents or hazards that may occur during the filming process. This is very important as it makes us more cautious and prepared for potential risks.

Narrative Storyboard

This is our narrative storyboard. We created this so that we have a rough plan of what shots we need to get when filming our first narrative shoot. This storyboard is very brief so we will need to create a new one for the next narrative shoot as this one too short and therefore we need to do a re-shoot as the narrative has fallen short of what we wanted to convey so we are going to create a new narrative concept that will be more in depth and engaging.