Production Skills Evaluation 2

In one of our lessons an experienced media editor came in to give us some ideas and to answer any questions we had about editing and effects.

In this screenshot it shows that Lenny taught how to search for effects. We used this new skill to search for an effect called Fuji to add to our video . This affect added a cooler tone to our video changing the mood to be more suitable as it added a colder and harsher edge to the stars and their vibe became more serious.

This shows that Lenny taught us how to add a new adjustment layer so that it is easier to apply affects to whole video instead of spending ages adding the same affects to individual clips.

In this screenshot we selected the new adjustment layer so that we can use the effects tab to change the appearance of the effect. The narrative appeared more dream like yet the maintained angles on the shot imply a severity and attention required to understand and interpret the shot. By including deep lighting effects, the mood created makes the band appear grungier which makes the mise en scene even more genre appropriate.


Production Skills Evaluation 1


While working on draft 2 of our music video I have learnt many new editing skills in Premier Pro. Originally I had little to no experience with Premier Pro and the height of my knowledge was cutting and placing visuals into the editor, I have now learnt a few more editing skills such as; adding effects onto videos, lumetri colouring and editing the speed of the visuals. We decided to experiment with speed and fast cutting to make our music video more interesting and fast pace, to do this we cut down a shot of Ollie hitting the door with the axe and duplicated it 3 times and put them back to back to add to the intense aggressive emotion being portrayed in both the song and the shot.

The second screenshot shows that we added in a text screen so that we know what shots we don’t have but want to insert into the video. This also helps anyone viewing our draft to understand why there are blank shots in the video.

The third screenshot shows how to use lumertri colouring, this is like a manual green screen so we can key a colour and change the colour for all objects in the shot that are the same. This is useful because if we decide that some colours that we use don’t fit the genre we can easily change them in post production to suit the genre or to be more vibrant and eye catching. This also affects the mood of the video and how we want to portray the stars.