So how did it go?

Now that the production of my magazine is over I have looked back on the overall process, the progress that I have made from the beginning to now and how my first drafts have been improved to create my final drafts.

In the beginning I was new to Indesign and Photoshop so most of my time was taken up trying to get used to working with them, after a few weeks the Photoshop process became easier and took less time so I could focus on the actual layout of my pages. At first my front cover and contents page were quite basic and simple, but as I learnt new skills in both Photoshop and Indesign I found new ways to make them more interesting and I could apply my newly found techniques to my magazine, subsequently my first draft of my Double Page Spread turned out better than my first Front Cover did.

Overall I am happy with the progress that I have made and I am proud of my Final products as they represent how much I have learnt and all the new techniques and tools I have discovered that were beneficial to my magazine production.

So… How is it going?

Overall I believe that my brand is clearly reflected in the design of my three pages by the use of;

  • Font, the fonts are mostly consistent and fitting to the theme of hip-hop and rap as they aren’t very feminine and girly.
  • Images, the images that I have used show the models as aggressive and intimidating which is appropriate to the genre and their star image.
  • Colours, The colours that I have chosen to use are the typical colours of the theme which mainly consists of red, black and gold.

Together these elements all clearly reflect the brand that I chose to base my magazine on.

Design Skills 2


By creating my double page spread I learnt some new design skills in Indesign. For example  I learnt how to align the larger letters with the rest of the text instead of being higher up.

In this image above, I learnt how to create a drop shadow inside of a shape instead of applying one outside of the shape. I liked this because it makes the shape more defined and gives it more dimension.

I also learnt how to change the transparency of the back ground image so that it didn’t take too much attention away from the main cover stars and the article itself, this also made it easier to type over it.

The overall layout of this page added to the narrative and star image because of the colour schemes and the font style because they are typically recognized with the hip-hop and rap genre which adds to the image that the models are trying to portray.

Overall what went well was;

  • The images that I chose
  • The fonts that I used
  • My color scheme

What could have gone better;

  • The photoshop of the models
  • Some of the font blending in with the background
  • Adding in relevant text to the article.

Design Skills 1

After completing these shoots and pages of my magazine I have learnt many new design skills and production techniques. I have learnt how to make photoshopped images look less photoshopped by refining the edges and feathering them. This has been useful because it has made my images less broken and they have looked more realistic on top of another background.

What went well for me was my front cover, although getting the image to be a clear cut out was difficult and very time consuming in the end my image was very clean and clear and the edges were not too messy like they were in the beginning. Cutting out the images could have been easier and quicker if I had watched a video tutorial but I decided to just do it myself. The skills that I learnt overall helped me to make my front cover appropriate to my genre. For example the gradient background was a skill that I learnt which helped to represent my star image and genre because of the  colours as hip-hop and rap use mainly black, red and gold in their colour schemes. I also tried to cut out the images as neatly as I could so that I captured their poses and body language to add to the overall intimidating feel of hip-hop and rap

Firstly I chose the images that I wanted to use and inserted it into photoshop. I didn’t want to include the background so I used the selection tool to select the parts of the images that I needed.

After selecting the models as neatly as I could I then deleted the surrounding area

Once I deleted the background I added in my own by using the gradient tool and creating a black and red background. I used black and red because they are a good contrast to the gold that the models are wearing.

So… I am ready to photograph my stars.

After all the focusing I have done on camera and mise en scene I feel like I am ready to photograph my main cover stars for my music magazine. I am now aware of how certain camera angles can represent and portray many different settings and moods, this has helped me to decide that I want to take lower angled photographs of my models so that they come across as intimidating and aggressive to my audience. I will also use mid-shots so that the facial expressions and costume are included in my images so that I get a good representation of the characters my models are portraying.

As for mise en scene, this is important in getting the right message and influence across for the genre of music that I have chosen. I have decided to use two different outfits for my models, the first style of outfit is the stereotypical baggy joggers or holey leggings with small tops. My second outfit style is a more glamorous style of hip hop relating back to my star image of Nicki Minaj who wears dresses and heals/boots with formal and bold makeup, to do this I plan to use mainly black and gold clothing with bold lip colours and metallic eye make-up.


So… I’m Ready To Make Some Media!

After completing all of these tasks I now have a clearer idea of what I need to think about when I make my own music magazine cover. One of the main factors that I need to focus on is My target audience. How am I going to grab their attention and keep it? To do this I am going to need to focus on the images that I use to make sure that they are appropriate for the genre of music and the age of my target audience.

The camera angles are also important as they aid in communicating meaning through an image, I will need to decide what message I want to convey and choose the perfect angle to use to help to reinforce that message.

I will also need to use the correct fonts, colours and shapes on my magazine cover as these are also highly important when selling a brand. For example using a bright pink bubbly font with hearts and stars would not be appropriate for a rock genre magazine because it would convey the wrong idea and not attract the right target audience. The language used is also important because a young pre-teen girl is not going to understand bigger words and they also may not be appropriate in a rock magazine so using language that is suitable and common in more mature magazines is not going to be appropriate for a younger aged target audience.