Prelim Montage

This is my montage of a regular school day.

what went well:

  • We used lots of different angles
  • It’s simple and not too complicated
  • We got all the shots we wanted to even if they were not used

What didn’t go well:

  • The overall video is a bit boring
  • some of the cuts to shots don’t really make sense
  • Our time management wasn’t very good

The music I have chosen is very basic and upbeat but I feel like it makes my montage more interesting to watch than if I used and slower, more calm song. By doing this task, I am more aware of the importance of time management and planning which will help me to be more organised when creating my music video.

Preliminary Task and Evaluation Questions


In this little sketch I have used the following shots:

-shot reverse shot

-match on action

-establishing shot

-close ups

-reaction shots

-medium long shots

I used these techniques to try to keep a flow of shots creating a sense of continuity

One rule that I had to use was the 180 degree rule

This is a command that says you need to keep the camera on either the left or right side of the line of action. This means that in the editing process you can have continuity of the positioning of the two actors or main focal point.

I stuck to this rule to have fluidity in my video.

I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro, this includes: cutting and cropping clips with the razor tool. For example, when the actor opens the door we cut to the other shot of her walking through the other side of the door as if it was at the exact same time as the other shot of her initially opening the door.

To improve next time, I would keep more concentration on getting the shots quicker and more smoothly.

-I would have taken a few more reactions shots for example a close up of the actors reacting to each others conversations to create a more real and raw atmosphere.