Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation Question 3 asks; ‘What have you learnt from your audience feedback?’

To answer this questions, I created a Voice thread and a Google slides presentation to present the different feedback I got throughout the post production stages. On the presentation I included our pitch in which we presented to our media teacher and peers. Also our performance rough cut and narrative rough cut and recorded another media student whilst they were watching it and explaining what they liked and disliked. Our video draft 1 and 2 I collected feedback in the YouTube comments and for the print products, the digi-pak and advert, I collected feedback using vine, feedback sheets and recorded feedback. As for the final video, I got feedback from using vine, YouTube comments, social media and recordings of media students.

I used a range of different ways to collect feedback on different post production stages so that we could improve and adjust things to make it the best it could be. However, reflecting back, we could of improved this ourselves as we didn’t always meet the deadlines for the drafts as we lacked footage so we just kept on editing and filming until we had everything we wanted and filled in the gaps as we went along instead of taking one or two days to get all the filming footage that we needed and then editing it together and re-shooting which would of saved us time and made us have more room for improvement when we had our feedback.

However, during the Voice Thread, I explain the different types of feedback that I collected and also what we adjusted and improved on.

Click below to view my Voice Thread and presentation:


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