Final Digi-Pak & Advert

In the process of planning our Digi Pak we researched digi-paks of the same genre in order to see what is conventional. We got inspiration for what we might want our digi pak to look like. Then created a hard copy mock up of the four different sides of the album.

Click on the image below to view a bigger version of our digi-pak:

IMG_0710 IMG_0712 IMG_0711

On photoshop we created our digital version of the digi pak. We did a shoot of a load of photos to choose from to put on our digi pak. Then we edited the photos that were the better ones and cropped then down to put onto the digital copy. All of the images are outdoors and are of nature because this is conventional to the Indie Folk genre. We feature our performer on the front cover in close up with a serious facial expression to create an emotional response to our audience. Then she is presented in long shot of the back cover of the album in conventional costume which also reflects our music video.

We chose fonts and the colours of them to be able to put onto the digital copy that is conventional and matches our genre of music. Getting our feedback, we decided that we needed to make the fonts bolder and bigger so that it would stand out and be more clearer from a distance. The font that we got off of ‘’ was ‘Moon Flower’ however this wasn’t clear from a distance so we found another option ‘Moon Flower Bold’ and downloaded this to put onto our digi-pak.

Conventions of a digi-pak are a barcode, the album title, a design, the performer (which is conventional of our genre of music, Indie Folk), the performers name, track list and copyright. We included all of these things to make sure that our digi-pak was conventional to both the genre of music and the general digi-pak conventions.


As for our advert, using Publisher, I created our advert. I used the album cover photo as the background for the advert as this would be recognized by the target audience and fanbase for the Indie Folk and Birdy audience. I included the title and performers name as well as where the album is available and when it is available. Also the music production company. I used the same font and applied it to the advert.

Click below to view the advert:


I am proud of both our digi-pak and advert as they reflect the genre of music but also reflect our star’s meta narrative and are visually appealing.

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