The Media Ecology

The Media Ecology

Media Ecology is the study of media, technology and communication and how they each affect human environments. It is made up of 8 different components; they all work together to make up the Ecology and support each other in making sure each component works correctly. My poster shows the influence of the Government/Law on the 7 remaining components.

I believe that the 2 main influences on Government/Law are money and creators:

  • Money produces the ability to create new media which the government then regulates.
  • Creators don’t have the full freedom of creating what they want to as the government has to deem it appropriate first. The government also protects the creators of media from the public.

My magazine will fit into the Ecology system as I will make sure it is age appropriate for the age category I am aiming it at. Otherwise the Government could consider the media to be inappropriate and not allow it to be published by the distributors.

This is a slideshow of all the Media Ecology posters that fit into the Ecology of Media.


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