My image that uses mis-en-scene to communicate meaning

My Mood board

In our small groups, we were each allocated a different musical genre to research by picking a genre out of a hat and do a photo shoot to and my group were allocated psychedelic rock. We thought this was a good genre to have as it’s quirky and diverse and it is meant to replicate the mind-altering experiences of psychedelic drugs eg. LSD. Our mood board consisted of finding images of clothing our model would wear, objects the model could hold and any image relating to the psychedelic rock theme. This related to the mis-en-scene as the definition is the arrangement of the scenery, props, etc. on the stage of a theatrical production or on the set of a film. We linked mis-en-scene to our genre as we arranged the scenery and props to match our theme. The props we used were some retro pink glasses to enhance the theme of psychedelic and we also used an electric guitar as that’s what the rock bands used.

This is the mood board we created that links with our genre.

Made with Padlet

The final photo

Secondly, after creating our mood board we had to allocate one member of our group to dress up themed as a member of a psychedelic rock band and then have a photo shoot. We had to consider the key features of CLAMPS otherwise our shoot wouldn’t be as effective and so it included the right aspects.

  • C- Costume
  • L- Lighting
  • A- Acting and Proxemics
  • M- Makeup
  • P- Props
  • S- Setting

We took around 30 photos and singled out one in particular as we felt it was the most effective at portraying our genre. The photo included the chosen props we used, good setting and lighting, it also included a successful costume and fabulous acting at showing how a member of a psychedelic rock band would have been portrayed.

This is our chosen photo along with a commentary on how our model has been portrayed:

This image I feel works well at representing our genre as it shows the mis-en-scene has worked well to depict the genre of psychedelic rock through the use of costumes and props. As it uses aspects of CLAMPS, we decided to use this as it relays a lot of the mis-en-scene.

Overall, the importance of using the mis-en-scene to convey a story about our photo is great as it is needed in order to portray the genre. The use of all the key aspects to the mis-en-scene have meant that we have been able to convey a meaning to our photo, rather than it just being a normal photo. The meaning is that we have portrayed our model as a realistic character in a psychedelic rock band.

This can now impact on my own planning and research for my Music Magazine as this has shown me I need to think very hard about including all the key features of CLAMPS as that makes the photos look more realistic and professional. During research, I need to find key aspects of my topic to create a mood board which can make sure I link back to the topic when shooting.




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