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I coped with the DSLR functions through remembering what I’d been shown by our technician. He showed us how to use the different features on the camera to take the best possible photos. The different camera features included aperture, shutter speed, ISO, shooting mode and exposure control. The main three we focused on were aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Aperture is the stop on a photographic lens to control the amount of light getting to the film. The size of the aperture will control the film’s exposure to light and is best in use from 11-22. Shutter speed is the unit of measurement which decides how long the shutter remains open as the photo is taken. The shutter speed and aperture work together. ISO measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. For example, the higher the number the more sensitive your camera is to light resulting in a harsher grain. I used aperture effectively as I controlled the amount of light getting to my film when taking photos which resulted in good quality photos. I also used ISO well because I made sure my photos weren’t too grainy giving good photos. However, I didn’t use much shutter speed as it is quite complex so I stuck to the ones I know how to use properly.

I achieved my goal of telling a story through the use of my photos. My photos depict a sad, grumpy girl behind the no access banner and then I transform into a confident, flirty girl when posing against a wall as I stick my tongue out and grin. Whereas Laura is shown to be nervous and shy when posing behind the green bushes as she is out of focus; she then changes into a sassy girl as she is posing on a bench.

This approach to taking photos will help when taking my own for my music magazine because I now know how best to take photos and what range of aperture to use (11-22). If you want your photo to be lighter, increase the aperture, decrease the shutter speed and increase the ISO and do the opposite for a darker image. This is really helpful information as this teaches me exactly how to shoot a good photo.




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