The Camera Talks

My moodboard

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The task we were given was to create a mood board with 9 of our favourite images from the shoot. We then had to annotate each picture and write 3 connotations on each; 1 technical term, 1 denotation and 1 analysis hashtag. I think that we were successful in annotating the photos to give the correct hashtags to work with the vibes from the photos.

I think we achieved our aims of taking good quality photos with the correct lighting and clever poses which was shown in our photos through us telling a story. My favourite photo was the one Laura took of me sitting behind the do not enter sign as that can convey so much meaning. For example, it could connote that I am breaking a rule by sitting behind it however it can also be shown that I am scared as the camera angle is a high angle connoting vulnerability. Our camera skills have definitely improved as we can use the correct aperture and ISO in order to achieve the best shots showing off high skill.

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