My Magazine Front Page Swede

My Magazine Swede

The Actual Magazine Swede

In class this week we have been learning how to use In design. We learnt the basic skills of how to use it and how to properly recreate the magazine front page we were assigned. I have now learnt how to recreate a magazine front page which can help me when making my own magazine swede as I know the skills on how to create a high quality front cover.

I think I created an effective front page swede as I used an image which is very similar to the actual magazine front page as they both include close up shots of her looking directly at the camera. I also was able to recreate the same colours for the writing fonts and included everything that was on the front page.

However, I did struggle with creating the perfect copy of the front page. For example, I struggled to find the actual image used in the NME photoshoot and recreating the exact colour of the word ‘Florence’ was very hard as you have to create a whole new colour. Also, making sure the letters were the same thickness and height was difficult because they were all different sizes making it hard to get the exact thickness and height right.

These are some useful videos I watched and used when in the process of creating my magazine front page swede:

From this video I learnt how to use the basic features of In Design which helped a lot when creating my own magazine swede as it showed me how to create basic shapes which I could’ve used in my swede if I needed to include basic shapes. It also taught me how to use colours and how to create an ombre look which I could’ve used also if I had needed to.

From this video I learnt about different text in In Design. It taught me how to change the size of my text which was useful as I needed to shrink text for my magazine and make it bigger. It also showed me how to change the font to different fonts relating to my magazine swede as I needed to change the font depending on which area of the magazine I was working on.

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