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I had to do some research on the genre Psychedelic Rock for my tour poster and this is my research of the different features and conventions of a Psychedelic Rock poster or album cover. From this research I learnt that the typical features of a Psychedelic Rock album cover or poster includes:

  • Bright and colourful font which is often waved at an angle to have a Psychedelic effect of creating altered consciousness however plain font is also used to extenuate the bold background colour .
  • Bright, vibrant colours are always used to make the text stand out in front of the image or drawing used.
  • All of the albums still look different as the fonts and images/illustrations are varied however the same colours are used.
  • The fonts normally used are ‘solenizant’, ‘amelia’, ‘grayonette’ etc.

Tour poster

Click above to see the tour poster in a pdf file.

My Evaluation

Click above for my full evaluation.

In my evaluation I have included what I thought I did well in the creation of my music magazine cover, eg. I think that I linked the colours well together to compliment each other and the fonts are similar to the theme of the fonts used in Psychedelic Rock covers.









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