First Advert for my Magazine

I have chosen this advert because I have stated in my DPS that my stars are headlining at Love Box festival 2020 so I have included an advert of this to promote them going to the festival. This links to my target audience because in my dating profile I have said my target audience are Millennials who aged around 18-30 who love partying and going out with their friends so would love a festival scene.

Second Advert for my Magazine

I have chosen this advert because this links with what my target audience are attracted to. Using my dating profile, I have picked out that most of my audience are girls/women aged around 18-30 who love makeup and cannot live without it. Therefore, having a makeup advert in my magazine would really gain buyers and readers. This links in with the playful ideology of my audience through the lie detector test as it’s a fun aspect to the ad which links in with the fun personality of my personalised dating profile.

A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

My Second Draft of my Complete Magazine

In this new improved draft I have made a few changes.

  • I’ve added a red background behind the text at the bottom of the front cover
  • I’ve removed the page numbers on the front cover in the cover lines
  • I’ve made the masthead bigger
  • I’ve changed the colour of the contents page
  • I’ve added in columns and different text for the cover lines on the contents page
  • I’ve changed the positions of the word ‘contents’ and changed the colour to red
  • I’ve changed the headline on the DPS to red
  • I’ve made the girls names stand out by adding in drop shadows
  • I’ve added in columns to my article
  • I’ve added drop capitals throughout
  • I’ve added some bold red lines at the bottom of the DPS to make the article stand out

Complete Magazine Draft

First Complete Draft

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This is my first draft of my complete magazine. In this I have shown a front cover, a contents page and a double page spread.

Below is the feedback i received from my teacher through an application called screen castify.

Feedback received:

Front Cover:

  • Look into photoshop to see if I can enhance some of the colours eg. lips or eyes
  • Make the masthead a bit bigger
  • Make the cover line ‘women in music’ all the same size
  • Could change the term ‘It Girl’ to her name
  • Could add an accent colour to the bottom

Contents Page:

  • Add a page number
  • Add in regulars and more articles (use more numbers rather than 2-10)
  • Make the ‘page 02’ etc in line with the rest
  • Work with the colours on the ‘page 02’ bit
  • Could change the background colour


  • Add a page number
  • Pick accent colours up in the drop capitals and use them consistently
  • Work with image on the right in photoshop
  • Add columns
  • Could use a bright primary colour for the headline instead of green


A New Improved Contents Page

Second Draft of Content Page

Peer Assessment:

I have asked a peer the following questions in relation to my contents page-

How does the contents page work in tandem with the front cover?

  • Used the same colours such as black and white yet added accent colours which make it all stand out

Describe the images of the stars using adjectives.

  • The way I’ve framed the images make it look edgy which goes well with my genre
  • The fonts make the magazine look edgy too which compliments my genre
  • The actual image is very bold

Which cover-lines tempt the audience to read on and which ones stand out and why?

  • Likes the words I’ve used such as ‘exclusive’ and ‘the truth’ which is dramatic and makes her want to find out more
  • Likes how I’ve put the names in the colours of the clothing they’ve worn and compliments other pages

How do the cover lines reflect a music magazine? If they don’t, which ones need to be adapted?

  • The cover line with the word ‘exclusive’ in it as those are always included in music magazines
  • Advice and facts are usually always found- adds in something extra

Which areas/aspects have distracting areas of integration of copy and images?

  • No areas as it is well structured as it isn’t too busy so everything stands out that needs to

What aspects do you consider conventional or unconventional?

  • Got page numbers
  • Cover lines are split into columns which makes it easier to read
  • Editors introduction included
  • Involves a main image that is conventional to my genre

I believe that my contents page is conventional to my genre and I have taken on board all of the feedback I have received and will act on this main target.

  • Add in a little caption beneath each cover line to give more details about what is expected in that specific article.


Draft of Content Page

My First Draft of the Contents Page

Improvements I can make:

  • I can try and crop the image so it has less of the background and more focus on the two girls
  • I am going to change the page numbers to a different colour and font as I can’t read the white
  • I could add a border
  • I can also work with the colour scheme and try and improve it

What is a Contents Page?

A contents page is designed to inform readers about what type of information is going to appear in the articles included in the magazine. It also includes what pages the articles in the magazine are on which is a necessary feature so readers know which pages they need to go to to read the articles they are interested in.

Some of the typical conventions of a contents page include:

  • Page numbers
  • Simple design
  • 2-3 colours which compliment the front cover and the double page spread
  • Images which relate to what’s being included in the articles

These conventions are typical due to the fact they are there to entice and draw readers in which simplistic designs and minimal colours do alongside many other important features.

Drafts of my ideas for my Contents Page

I have included x3 of contents page ideas and x5 of brilliant headlines I may use in my contents page. I believe I have created cool designs and good headlines which emphasise my magazine as I think the designs will stand out due to being intruiging which will draw the readers in. I want my contents page to be clear to read for my chosen target audience and also I want it to be simple so the readers don’t get confused as to which article is on which page. Therefore, I will make the page numbers bold and clear on the contents page and the DPS so readers can locate the articles they want to read.

Whilst creating my contents page I need to be mindful of AIDA and the Blumler and Katz uses and gratification theory. AIDA stands for Attraction, Interest, Desire and Action and the Blumler and Katz theory includes 4 main points; Entertainment, Information/Education, Social Interaction and Personal Identity. I need to consider these points because they link to the type of media I’m covering and give a sense of interest toward my bold headlines which will catch the readers eyes.

A New Improved DPS

Second Draft of my DPS



Changes I’ve made:

  • My article wouldn’t fit in the section I’d allocated it to so I changed my design to work around my article
  • I have moved the bottom right photo up to where the text says ‘Featuring Laura and Maisie’ so the text is now over the photo
  • I have stretched the top left photo down a bit to create more image space
  • I have added in my article and allocated the bottom section of my DPS to it

Feedback and Reflection on Draft DPS

Feedback on DPS from my peers:

  • Likes the layout of the two images
  • Loved how the colours from actual photos are used in the title
  • Likes font of title
  • Make the title bigger
  • Space the text out more

Feedback on DPS from my teacher:

  • Likes the attitude of the images
  • Add page numbers
  • Change font in the title
  • Add a stand first on bottom image
  • Make the colours bolder

My targets for development:

  • I aim to make the title font bigger and change the typeface
  • I aim to space the text out more when I add in my article
  • I aim to add a stand first or pull quote in empty spaces

Next I aim to make the colours bolder and work on the pull quote or stand first. I will also listen to the feedback and consider it when moving forward with my DPS.

Draft of the Double Page Spread

First Draft of my DPS

Link to PDF on image.

The conventions of my magazine double page spread include 2 good, bold images and a title which shows who and what I will be talking about. I have created the space I need in order to insert my article at the bottom left of the double page spread by organizing the text into two columns and I have used a bold drop capital to start off the interview which introduces my topic.


Second Shoot Contact Sheets

Above are all of the contact sheets from my shoot. I feel that my shoot went really well due to me achieving my targets of what I wanted to get out of this shoot. I wanted to create an edgy look with the locations I used yet I used a funky pop of colour in my photos with the puffers which contrasts to the grey and black bralettes and joggers. This is very effective as the colours compliment each other even though they are two different tones of colours. The lighting is good which ensures my photos are of the best quality. The poses my models portrayed give off a relaxed and chilled out vibe, complimenting my genre of R&B where the poses are very natural and relaxed.

Favourites from the shoot

These are my 4 favourite photos from the shoot. I like these because they portray my genre perfectly and the poses are very natural; enhancing my genre even more. I have chosen individual photos as well as photos of them both because I feel the individual photos are very effective as well. These photos suit my genre well as they portray the typical dress sense of female R&B artists with relaxed clothing and the glasses create a bold look which contrasts the chilled out clothing.