Music Video Draft 4

Draft 4 of our music video

Above is our draft 4 of our music video, where we have made a few changes to make the flow of the video better.

Changes we made:

  • We lengthened some of the clips so that we could see exactly what was going on in the clip rather than it flash up and go away quickly
  • We colour corrected clips which may have appeared too saturated in our third draft, or included more colour in clips which didn’t have enough colour to start with
  • We changed a transition so the video bounced onto our star rather than away from her

Feedback from peers

We were also lucky enough to receive feedback from our peers on our music video, which was really helpful to know areas other people liked and disliked, which myself and Kita can work on.

Music Video Draft 3

Draft 3

In our third draft of our music video, Kita and myself have changed certain aspects of the video to make it more appealing for our audience. For example, we have worked on the lighting and increased the exposure on certain clips where they were darker, to make the lighting more similar throughout. We have changed the length of some clips to make them longer, where our teacher felt they were too short and snappy.

I have received some feedback in the youtube comments section underneath by video from peers, who’ve given me some really good constructive feedback, with good aspects and aspects to work on for my final draft.

These comments from my peers are really helpful when looking back at my music video, so I can see what to work on to perfect my final draft. Hearing constructive criticism is really important, so you can get good points and points to improve on in one string of feedback.

Targets for improvement:

  • Make sure all shots are in focus
  • Work on the exposure and lower it in some aspects so the model’s face is more visible
  • Make sure all the lip syncing is in time
  • If there are repetitive shots, reverse one to jazz it up
  • Make the edit quicker throughout the video not just at the end as some clips are too long

Teacher Feedback – screen castify

Screen castify

My teacher has created a screen castify which is a way of giving verbal feedback over the top of a video on screen. This is a good way of giving feedback as you can see the exact point of my music video that my teacher is giving feedback to. My teacher stated that my video was brilliant so far, that we had a great range of different shots and we had included a great variety of the exact mise-en-scene we were hoping to include. He also said that he liked the cut with the black screen, and that we could do that more often throughout the video to break up the clips. Finally, he said that we should be proud of ourselves, and that our second draft has come together nicely. Our aim has been achieved, and he agrees with this which is amazing feedback to receive.

After watching the screen castify from my media teacher again, which included detailed feedback on my second draft of the music video, I have reviewed my work and listened to some targets that my teacher has asked me to tweak in my music video. I am going to work on these to make my third draft an improved version of my second.

Targets to work on:

  • Adjust the colours throughout
  • Need to add some push ins in the clips; either dramatically or push in slowly depending on the clip
  • Include some reverse shots
  • Work on the cutting speed and change it throughout depending on the tempo of the song
  • Slow down some clips to draw out the video

Reflecting on these targets, Kita and myself will tweak the areas that need to be worked on to ensure our video can be a good reflection of the hard work put in by myself and Kita. Doing so, this will keep our audience involved and enthusiastic about the video, by engaging themselves through the different types of clips and cutting speeds. We are happy with this video for a second draft, but we are keen to finish adding all the necessary clips to the length of the song and improving on all of our targets for the third draft.


Specsavers Feedback

We were lucky enough to have two people from Specsavers, Lenny and Elliott who work on projects similar to ours, come into school and give us feedback on our music videos so far. They gave us helpful tips and feedback in order to improve our videos and make them the best they could be.

Summary from Specsavers:

  • Organise your work into different bins so you’re not confused when trying to add clips to the sequence
  • Use lumetri colour to enhance certain perspectives of our video, such as bringing up highlights and lowering shadows
  • Using different colours for different clips in the sequence depending on which shoot the clips were from
  • Use RGB curves in the lumetri colour to change up the colour schemes of clips

We were also lucky enough to have Charley and Ben from the Digital Greenhouse come in and assess our work too, and give us some great feedback to learn from.

Summary from Digital Greenhouse:

  • Use lumetri colour to enhance certain perspectives of our video, such as bringing up highlights and lowering shadows
  • Work on the cutting speed, make it faster and slower for different elements of the song such as when the song is faster, match the pace of the cutting speed to the pace of the song
  • Use lumetri scopes; the tool Waveform Luma to see how much colour is involved in each different clip and work on adjusting it to make every clip stand out

A Youtube tutorial that helped me to be organised, and have my work set out neatly when working with Premiere is:

A Youtube tutorial that helped me with how to use lumetri colour correction is:

Music Video Draft 2 (Includes shoot 2 footage)

Draft 2

Above is draft 2 of my music video to ‘On My Mind’. This is an updated draft where I have added in videos from my second shoot, where we shot at the OGH to portray our glamorous theme.

I believe that this draft of our music video is good, with a range of different shots included. We have met our theme of glamour, and sophistication which is amazing, and we met our ideas about mise-en-scene. We lit the shots correctly, and used the correct hair and makeup for our theme, as well as using glamorous dresses which matched our costume theme.

In order to improve, we need to go back and make the cutting speed of our video quicker in order to match the tempo of the song, and we need to look at lumetri colour and work on changing some aspects of the colours in our video.

Shoot 2 Reflection (Performance 2)

Kita and myself planned to use the OGH for our second shoot, and we were given a bedroom and use of a lounge to fulfill our desires for the shoot. We loved the location and it fit perfectly with the prestigious and glamorous theme we’d previously upheld in the first shoot.

Photos from shoot:

Evaluation of shoot 2:

  • We conveyed the glamorous, fancy and prestigious theme which we had previously shown in our first shoot
  • We tried to use the camera to communicate our theme by using low angle shots to show her power, and by using tracking shots to show off her glamour
  • We made sure that we filmed the song from the beginning to the end so we had a wide variation of lip syncing clips to work with
  • We used great lighting to enhance our model’s features and the features of the rooms we were in
  • We made sure that any filming taken on our phones was in landscape so when we uploaded the videos they fit the correct scale on Premiere
  • We made sure that most of our footage was in focus
  • We made sure that the background was clear of the public so all attention would be on our model


  • We had to make sure that the footage was in perfect focus
  • We needed to ensure that the videos we’re taking weren’t tilted as it looks odd when uploaded onto Premiere as the shots are out of frame

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is an important document that helps highlight possible risks so that we can understand how best to safely take shots for our music video. It also shows where we are filming and at what times, so our teacher knows where we are so if he needs to find us, he is able to.

Risk Assessment

Production Meeting for Shoot 2 (Performance 2)

Production Meeting Agenda’s are useful documents to have so that people can be organised for their shoots as a team and know exactly what to bring in terms of costume and equipment.

Production Meeting Agenda


Our aims for the shoot are that we get good quality close ups and shots of our model moving through the frame which can portray our powerful and glamourous theme. We are going to try and experiment and get some shots of our model lip syncing through a mirror.

We will ensure that we follow this document so that we can create the best possible locations and get good quality shots and film for our video. Our location that we are using for this shoot is the OGH, which is a posh and fancy hotel which portrays our theme perfectly.

Video Performance Story/Shot sheets

Shot sheet

Above is my Performance shot sheet, as myself and Kita decided not to include a narrative in our music video and just do¬† performance. This is because our theme is glamorous, and our shots which we had already filmed from our first shoot conveyed this well, so we decided that we didn’t want to confuse our audience by adding in a narrative which may be confused with the theme.

We considered what we were going to film by choosing certain shots carefully. For example, we chose to include a wide shot because the background/setting of the shot is just as important as filming the person as it gives a sense of mood, and how the model may behave is relevant to the material in the shot with them. Filming an extreme close up shot conveys feelings, it conveys emotion due to the fact all we can see in that one shot is the model’s face. This draws us toward their facial expressions, and the way they act gives a sense of meaning to the shot.

Performance Development (Narrative)

Performance Plan

Above is the performance plan that Kita and I carefully constructed, it contains our song and the location, along with what necessary costumes we needed to bring to the shoot. We also planned what variety of shots and angles we were going to include in our second shoot, and how these specifically can implement our theme of power and glamour.

Myself and Kita decided not to include a narrative in our music video as we didn’t want to confuse our audience as we already had a solid idea that we were trying to portray. Our idea was that we wanted our theme of sophistication, power and glamour to stick with our audience throughout, and not let a narrative disrupt that. Our first draft contained our theme of glamour, so we decided to just complete a second shoot with the same theme, because we didn’t want our audience to be confused if we added in another theme alongside our first theme.