Social Media Page Draft 1 self assessment

Our Social Media Page

Link to the social media page on screenshot of image above.

Kita and I decided to make our Social Media Page on Twitter for our star.

We feel that we’ve included most of the features that would be expected to appear on a social media page. We have reflected on our page, and have picked out specific features that we’ve included such as:

  • Design Coherence – Our social media page includes the same generic colour scheme as our digipak, as well as images and fonts.
  • Content – We’ve included additional teasers in our social media page such as images and a 15 second teaser of our music video.
  • Timeline – We have created a sense of excitement leading up to the release of our album through teasers and a live stream
  • Cross Media Convergence – We have included an exclusive interview with Radio 1 star Maya Jama, creating links with other medias and another star
  • Promotion of live events – There is a live tour next year which has been promoted on our page alongside our teasers for our album release which can create extra revenue
  • A call to action – We have included links to a specific personalised webpage for our star, which includes links to her spotify for a point of sale and also for her fans to boy her merch and tour tickets
  • Ordinary / Extraordinary – By including a live stream in our social media page, we have created an insight into our stars life for her fans to see her as a proper individual
  • Interaction / Engagement – We have created interactions between the audience and the star through a live chat, merch and personable phrases
  • Issues and charities – The star is donating a percentage of her revenue from the merch to a Cancer Research charity, which involves a major global issue which many people die from each year, so she is trying to help save lives by donating some money

We have kept the generic conventions of our R&B genre throughout the social media page, which links with the digipak and music video too. Our page is unique, and stands out to our target audience.

Teacher feedback:

Our teacher gave us feedback on our social media page for our star, Christiana. The feedback can really help us from the aspects where we know what we’ve done right, and how generically pleasing our page is for our audience, and aspects we can improve. The only target we received is:

  • Try and embed the actual PDF file of our digipak to the relevant twitter post

Timeline and Marketing Ideas

Our timeline/marketing ideas

Above is our timeline of marketing ideas for our social media page in chronological order, so that we know which posts are posted in what order.

Our aim is for our star to interact with her fans through live streams and captions, showing them her star and brand image and to gain mutual respect on a personal level. We are also aiming to promote her music through some promotional posts and through teasers of her digipak and music video. We want our audience or fan base to be engaged with our posts, so we are also including merchandise for them to purchase to feel closer to the star. We feel that it is very significant to build our campaign until the ultimate release date, which is the release of the album, as this keeps our audience engaged and means they are able to participate in our campaign which creates audience participation and builds stronger bonds with the star.

Audience Interaction with a Social Media Page – an analysis

Screen Castify

Above is a screen castify spoken by myself and Kita about Jorja Smith’s facebook page, and how she provides uses and gratification for her fans. We chose her as she is an artist of the same genre as the genre we are working on, R&B. We deconstructed her page and analysed the key technical conventions involved, as well as how the page uses AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) through its design and content, and how she uses Guerilla marketing to promote her products.


PDF file attached to first screenshot.



This is our script that we created in order to know what to say in our screen castify. We shared out the script between us so we both had equal stuff to say.


Social Media Page Terminology

Specific terminology in a social media page

Above is my presentation on an artist similar to mine, Jorja Smith who creates music of the same genre, R&B. After looking at the specific terminology used in a social media page, I was able to take screenshots and decode and analyse further meaning on how my chosen artist replicated these on her page. I have learnt about the technical conventions in a social media page, which will help me when constructing my own. This presentation made it clear what is needed to be included in our social media page when Kita and I create one.