Welcome to my Media Studies blog…

Hi there, welcome to my A level, Media Studies blog ūüôā

This blog will give you access to my researching, planning, production and evaluation for my final pieces. This including my music magazine, music video, webpage, and digipak.

Component 3 The Brief 

Here is my brief for the music video package:

A promotion package for the release of an album, to include a music video (major task), together with a website for the band and a Digipak for the album’s release (minor tasks).

the website please click on the image to access the site

The music video :  Mirror  by Gallagher


front pane                                                                                                 middle left pane

middle right pane                                                             back pane


Component 1 The Brief

Here is my brief for the music magazine:

The front page, contents page and double-page spread of a new music magazine. This is an individual edition of a magazine and if I have been working in a group, it has used the same house style as my group members.  All of the images and text in the magazine are original and produced by me with a minimum of 4 of my own original images.