My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning

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Our music genre was country and western and in our research we found that the conventions of country and western are:

  • Denim clothing e.g dungarees
  • Plaid shirts
  • Acoustic guitar to give off a relaxing and laidback vibe
  • Cowboy hats as the music genre of country and western is generally prevalent in America

Creating a mood board will be helpful when I am designing my own music magazine as it will help me to understand the conventions of the genre of music and what mise en scene should be.

In this image people were asked to stick a post it note on the model dressed as a country and western star with a word that they thought described her costume in relation to the music genre. Examples of these words were:

  • Laidback
  • Family friendly
  • Earthy
  • Helpful
  • Chill

This was useful for us as it gave us gratification that the conventions of the country and western music genre were noticeable and prevalent. This will also be useful when creating my own music magazine as getting peer feedback will make sure that my magazine is as effective in conveying my ideas as possible.

In my opinion this is the best shot from the photoshoot as the mise en scene worked well collectively to depict the message of a country and western singer. The aspects of the photo that showed this were:

  • The plaid shirt is a convention of country and western however the purple in the shirt gave off a feminine vibe which created a caring and family friendly tone
  • The straw cowboy hat fit with the conventions of the genre but also the fact that it was straw gave off a softer, more caring and helpful feel
  • The hair of the model was loosely curled giving the impression of being laid back, approachable and care free
  • The body language of the model suggests a strength and independence but also gave off the feeling of the feeling that the character was caring as she was looking at the camera

This task will be useful when I am creating my own music magazine as I am aware of how each individual feature in the photo adds to the idea that I am trying to convey for example the fact that the cowboy hat was made of straw gave a feminine and caring feel while also sticking to the conventions of the country and western genre. This attention to every little detail that I have learnt while doing this task will make sure that my music magazine is as successful as possible.


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