My Magazine Front Page Swede


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Original Magazine Cover

Copied Magazine Cover

This was a highly useful task to learn how to effectively use InDesign to create magazine covers which will be very helpful when I come to design my own magazine cover as I will be able to add my desired effects to the text and imagery.

It was also helpful as a way of learning the technical conventions of a magazine cover for example I now understand what kind of information goes into a cover line and how to make certain parts of the cover lines stand out. For example in the magazine that I was copying certain parts of the cover lines were in a bolder typeface and in red so that they were more prominent to the audience.

I believe that I was somewhat successful in replicating my chosen magazine cover as I found the same image and used the same colours for text however their are some things that I thought I could’ve done better. These include:

  • Placing the cover lines closer together
  • Not having such large gap between the cover lines and the edge of the magazine cover
  • Not having uneven gaps between the masthead letters
  • I also struggled to find the exact font for some parts

Below are some YouTube videos that I found helped with this task

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