Music Video Form & Conventions

I have understood from this task that visuals add to the music produced by the artist however the main aim of a music video is too promote the artist. Music videos mean that there is another platform to see the star making them more present in their audience’s lives.

This task of analysing music videos will help me when I come to create my own music video as I have now learnt key features and types of music videos. These include:

  • Illustrative – When the narrative shown in the video is closely echoing the lyrics and music
  • Amplified – When the narrative shown is inspired by the song but also adds another level to the music
  • Disjunctive – When the narrative shown has little to no relationship with the lyrics or music

Music videos also don’t have to be narrative, they can purely be a performance by the star. If the star is performing, a convention of music videos is for them to lip sync and not actually have them singing in the video. On top of this they can be purely narrative with the star not singing or being present in the video.

These factors, as well as mise en scene, will have to be thought about carefully before I begin creating my music video as to portray my intended themes and narrative effectively.

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