Favourite Music Video from Former Student

This video is my favourite of the former student music videos as it is interesting and engaging and has a good balance of performance and narrative. The story of the boy killing someone and feeling wracked with guilt after as he knows it was a mistake and he will be found out is easy to follow and understand. This makes the video engaging as I am not trying to work out the message within the video so it is more enjoyable to watch.

The video is also compelling as an amplified narrative is used with some aspects of illustration. The amplification adds another layer to the music and makes the video captivating as it is not exactly an echo of the song so new aspects of the song are discovered. However the moments of illustration, for example when the lyric “blood on your hands” is sung we see a shot of the actor with blood on his hands, makes the narrative easy to grasp and coherent with the song.

Furthermore, the video also follows typical conventions of a pop music video, for example lip syncing is used over the track rather than having a live performance in the video. Another reason why this video is so good is because of it’s brilliant lip syncing which makes it believable and easy to watch. The costumes also fit in with the typical mise en scene of the pop genre for example the girl performing is wearing a trendy and fashionable outfit. This makes the music video appealing for the target audience making it successful.

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