Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Below is my final lip sync to Poker Face by Lady Gaga which I edited using Adobe Premier Pro. I think altogether it was a successful project however some clips could have been synced better for example the last clip is slightly out of time and unfortunately the clips cropped themselves so some of the footage was not the best.

Skilled lip syncing is a crucial skill within a music video as if the lip syncing is off, the video looks unprofessional. Unskilled lip syncing also takes away from the narrative and emotion of the video as the actor is not appropriately portraying the song’s lyrics.

To make sure the lip sync aspect of the music video is as successful as it can be it is paramount that the performer practices before hand and knows the words as to create a convincing performance. Energy is also vital within the performance. The performer needs to grasp and understand the vibe and tone of the song as to portray the narrative convincingly.

Another aspect that needs to be thought about in order to convey a convincing narrative is who looks like the voice. The music video would not be compelling if the performer clearly didn’t look like the sound of the voice for example if you had a female performer lip syncing to Ed Sheeran. The confusion and lack of cohesion would detract from the music video’s narrative making it unsuccessful.

Premier Pro will be a crucial program when I come to edit my music video. In this task I mainly used markers and the razor blade tool to cut my video clips to fit with the music. I firstly used markers as a rough guide and once the clip was in place I used the razor blade tool to do some final cuts if the clip needed it.

To improve this preliminary task I would pay better attention to the transitions between clips as sometimes the lip syncing overlapped. Following on from this, after looking back at the final edit I noticed that some clips were not properly synced up. For example the last clip and the clip at 0:22 are not perfectly in time with the audio, which detratcs from the video and its narrative. Also as in this video, the clips cropped themselves I would make sure that in my actual music video I found a way around this as too portray the whole narrative and performance.


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