Star Image – theirs and mine


This task included creating a Prezi presentation that represented a star of my chosen genre. My chosen star was Rihanna as I found range of media texts surrounding her. I found from researching that as a star she has many sides to her which she portrays through her singing as well as through her social media life.

Click on this image to see my presentation:

The idea of a star image links to how the star is represented through the ideologies about the individual based on their values, attitudes and beliefs which are communicated through the media and which the audience read and can assume their own. The star can portray themselves in any way they would like even if it’s not realistic. I used Rihanna as my example of the paradox of the star as she is a really focused business women who shows many of her emotions through her performances and songs.

I looked into outfits I would like to use for my own model and the facial gestures and positioning I will want my model to use. I provided the looks I would like my main model to wear: a casual outfit, natural makeup, jewelry, hairclips and a brave pose. I want her facial expression to look very fearless and powerful.



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