Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

Following on from our trip, I took the footage that we made at the College of FE, and tried my best to lip sync the clips to the original track. We chose the song “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga and a few students took turns in attempting to lip sync the song as well as they could. From this shoot we got many shots that were filmed successfully, however many of the shots were filmed from long distances which made it hard to see the performer lip syncing, so I’ve learnt to film many close ups as well as long distances to show the lip sync.

Lip syncing is essential when portraying the model’s star image. This is because the aim of lip syncing is to show the audience that the model is singing the song even if it’s not their voice. This means that the model has to use different facial expressions that link to the theme and narrative of the song. For example, our song “Poker Face” is upbeat so there are many clips of us dancing and having fun to portray this narrative. But if there was no dancing and use of happy facial expressions then it would be easy to tell that the model isn’t singing because there is no link between the performer and the narrative.

It is essential that the performer sings along to the track while lip syncing as it will link to the track when editing easier, because the model won’t look as if they are mumbling the words.

It is important to get an actor who ‘looks like the voice’ because it will make the lip syncing more realistic as if they are singing the track. For example, if the performer was a male lip syncing a women’s voice then it wouldn’t match and the audience would know they aren’t performing it immediately and wouldn’t carry on watching the video.

From using both Premier pro and wevideo, I have found that I used markers to help me edit my video effectively. Markers indicate important points in time and helped me to position and arrange clips. I used the marker to identify which part of the clip I needed so I could cut from one clip to another.

Here is my video that I created from the clips we recorded:

What went well…

From the different types of footage we got from this shoot, I believe I displayed the narrative effectively as well as linking the lip syncing clips to the song well. I contrasted between a range of shots so that the video was kept interesting and easy to follow for the audience. The lip syncing is well synced throughout the song, as I believe I timed the lyrics with the song effectively to portray the allusion of the performers singing. The performers were clear when singing which made it easier in the editing process as I could use a range of performers for different parts of the song.

Even better if…

The clips would of been more effective if some of the performers looked more involved with the song and showed themselves enjoying it. This would of helped portray the narrative as some clips were quite dull with no facial expression conveyed. This meant that not all the footage could of been used when editing as it didn’t portray the narrative effectively. I would also of preferred using Adobe Premier Pro when editing this video because I felt I could be more precise when cutting the clips, but on Wevideo it was more difficult to get the perfect time of the clip that I wanted and found it was quite slow which effected the edit.

From this task, I have learned how to create a successful lip syncing video as well as how to use a green screen in filming. It has taught me the importance of the performer conveying the narrative through their facial expression as well as the range of shots and angles that need to be taken so there is a lot of footage to edit with. I’m pleased with my progress and has helped me for what to do and what not do when making my own music video.

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