Question 4: So… How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?




Here are some adverts that I can include in my magazine. I believe they fit appropriately with my target audience as they’re from Ariana Grande’s perfume product and Dua Lipa who are singers that are extremely popular with teenage girls. I found that these adverts were the most suitable to use in my own magazine because they are light toned colours like my own magazine but also are very eye-catching to my young teenage girl target audience.


I chose this Ariana Grande perfume advert for my music magazine as she is an inspiring young pop artists which many of my target audience love and listen to regularly. The advertisement fits in with the colours and themes I chose in my magazine but looks different for the readers eye and contains interesting fonts and images that will attract.

I also chose this Dua Lipa performance advertistement as she is another artist that my target audience love and listen to and would be interested in seeing in a magazine. Dua Lipa’s fashion is also appreciated by my target audience so they will be more drawn into the magazine and buying future copies if she is included.

To conclude, I appreciate this isn’t going to be marked but for the purposes of presentation, having an extra page in the magazine helped make the Flipsnack platform work better.  However, it was an interesting exercise in reaffirming that I know who exactly my target audience, young teenage girls, and can prove I know what adverts this audience would be interested in seeing if they were buying a pop music magazine.


A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

Here is my new improved magazine draft that I have completed after listening to my teacher’s past feedback.

My teachers last improvements she believes I need to make are:


  • Make cover lines more bold to stand out more to the reader.
  • Add lines to pug to make it more interesting and detailed.
  • The spacing between “Confidence is key” should be closer together.


  • Photos need captions to know who they are.
  • Only need one Kira K picture.
  • Numbers to pages in green or purple.


  • Add more quotes in remaining boxes on top of main picture.
  • Justify text to the right in the boxes.
  • Tone down opacity of background as it makes the text hard to read.
  • Make page numbers a larger number.

Complete Magazine Draft

These are my complete drafts for my music magazine as they still have a few improvements that my teacher has set for me to change so I can be happy with my finished designs.














This is the screen castify my teacher completed for me so that I know what amendments and improvements to make to my music magazine to make it as successful as possible.

These are the improvements my teacher set:

    • Make title more bold by adding stroke around.
    • Bring down all headlines associated with my star “Kira K” to beneath her name.
    • Write down who says quotes.
    • List the pop stars included in magazine so consumer knows they’re getting what their paid for.
    • Add gold to ‘Collectors Addition’ pug
    • Make barcode smaller and move price to the right hand side.
    • Add banner to the space at the bottom
    • Change name to Kira K as it’s more youthful and interesting
    • ‘Who really is she’- state who, add page number that the image relates to.
    • Change photo on bottom right because it’s too similar to main star image.
    • Add thick borders around the images and make sure they all include page numbers.
    • Move image down so the title doesn’t cover the model.
    • Enlarge the page numbers towards the bottom.
    • Make the standfirst in big bold letters and put the drop capital at the start of the article.
    • Include byline for the photography image.
    • Include information/text/quotes in boxes over image.
    • Make the quotes in the article white or put them in normal size with a break.
    • A few hyphens that I need to remove.
    • Change colour of background to a green or light pink.

So… How is it going?

In the process of creating, researching, and portraying my intended narrative the work of my music magazine, I have learnt and developed many new transferrable skills. For example the skills I have learnt are:

  •  Teamwork-  I learnt to work effectively in a group to achieve our goals for our magazine. I enhanced this skill when receiving and giving feedback to peers, as well as being involved with shoots as I was their models and they were mine. From this I had to listen to what star image they wanted me to portray through my modelling for their own music magazine.
  • Leadership-  I had to show initiative and leadership abilities. Such as, for my magazine shoots, I had to tell my peers what positions and personality I wanted them to portray through their modelling. As well as being independent and organizing clothes that I wanted them to wear to create my success star image.
  • Time management/Organisation-  Essentially, I learnt how to manage and prioritise my workload and time effectively. This was a very important skill for me because I aimed to stay on top of my work by reaching all deadlines and have been successful doing so. I achieved this by prioritising tasks which can only be done in at school to do in my lesson, then in my independent study time using the time to complete articles and essays, as well as, writing about my work.
  • Communication- I’ve learnt to talk to my teacher and peers if I need their opinions in the process of creating my magazine. For example, during the production I asked my peers and teacher for their feedback in order to improve my magazine to make it as successful as possible.


Design Skills 2

From completing my drafts for my pop music magazine. I’ve learnt many new design skills and production techniques in the process of improving my drafts to make them successful.  Although there were still some skills I would of loved to perfect, I am still happy with the ones I have developed as I believe they are adding to my magazine and making it as best as possible. I used many tools from the image below including:

  • Rectangle frame tool which helped me to place my images and make them fit this frame proportionally to be the right size for my magazine.
  • Text tool that allowed me to include all my text in the right places.
  • Polygon tool which I used to add shapes to my magazine in empty areas in order to add detail.
  • Line tool that I used to separate some text on the contents page in particular and to add detail to some titles on my cover.

A new tool I used to add some features to my magazine was the rectangle tool (shown in image above). I used this to make certain areas that looked empty on my magazine more interesting to fill the space. In these rectangle boxes I included quotes and captions to make them more bold to the reader. To make these boxes look more subtle I turned the opacity of them down so the images underneath were still visible, which made them fit in as they looked apart of the shot.

A skill that would of been good to develop would be how to remove shadows from the models faces. This is because from my original shoot I had an image that I wanted to use for my front cover, however there was a shadow on the model’s neck and face from the jacket she was wearing. Even after trying many methods to remove it because there was too many shades in that area that I had to match, I was not successful on making it look perfect and decided to use another image. But I am still pleased with the image I used for my front cover as it portrays the star image successfully, similarly to the image I originally chose.

Overall, I believe that all my new skills and techniques have helped me in the productions of my magazine. From these skills I have managed to create my successful star image of confident models and portrayed the music genre of pop to my target audience.

A New Improved Contents Page

Here is my new improved contents page which is complete of all my own personal targets. However, I recordered a conversation with my peer asking questions about my contents page to make more improvements to make it as successful as it can.

This is my peer assessment for my feedback on my new improved draft of my contents page.


Summary of the points:

  • Contents page works well with the front cover as the backgrounds both have pastel colours and go well with the pop genre of the magazine. It has bold and catchy elements between both pages.
  • The typeface looks the same throughout both the front cover and contents page which portrays an elegant side to both pages
  • The genre of music featuring in the contents page looks like pop as it is very stylish, friendly and simple.
  • The star is portrayed as glamorous, girly and innocent.
  • The cover lines that stand out are Kira K dreams big as it reflects one of the images and you know who Kira K is.
  • The cover lines are very catchy and bring an intriguing side to the magazine which goes well with the images. They are very bold and so stand out well.
  • Captions next to the picture are quite bright so are hard to read which could be distracting.
  • There are conventional aspects such as the main image is clear and goes well with the colour scheme and pastel colour palette. The images are all bubbly and stylish. The unconventional parts may be the different colours of the images which don’t go as well with the background. You could add a colourful banner around them as well as the main image.
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