Social Media page Draft 1 self assessment

I created my Social Media page for my star ‘Tyler’ using Instagram. I have included teasers, candid images, advertisements and political content. I have created links with other brands and products that would appeal to the audience as I have used other platforms such as Snapchat for my campaign as well as airing the live performance and radio feature on Youtube and showing various tweets. Within my social media page I wanted to create a sense of building excitement leading towards the release date of the album, by including teasers and challenges for the audience. Beyonce was my chosen artist to feature my star with as she is an extremely well known, hard working artist who is ideal for any artist to collaborate with as she is an empowering role model to many people. There is a clear link to point of sale (iTunes, Spotify, Deezer YouTube) for the music as shown on my release posts. There is an insight into the ‘real’ life of the star and an opportunity to see them as an authentic person through my candid images. I have included many ways the audience can interact with the star for example through live chats and invitations to comment and ask questions to engage with the star and see his real personality. To make the digipack the main promotion of the way the audience can listen to the album by creating 9 posts, each including one section of the digipack to make the whole image when looking at the page. This creates a statement and draws attention to the digipack to ensure it is the main focus and people will see this and want to have their own copy instead of downloading one online. This is more beneficial for my star as he would make more money from this. There are many links to current political issues including the recent vote for the American president as this is close to the star’s heart and is a useful way of developing a compassionate and engaged star image.


Self Assessment:

So far I am extremely happy with my social media page but there is a few adjustments that I need to make. I believe that my page builds lots of suspense and engages the audience to see my preferred image of the star. This has allowed me to understand how social media can be used to drive engagement, promote the star image, and build a fan base.

Targets for improvement:

  • I need to include appropriate link to my music video and use the repetition of the hashtag in all of the posts.
  • Improve the quality of the 9 posts which make up the album cover as the individual images look very blurry and unprofessional for a huge star, from the application I used.
  • Improve on the captions as some posts aren’t as engaging as others.

Teacher’s Screencastify:

Summary of comments:

  • Good use of cross media promotion with Beyonce.
  • Add the #onmymind to every post to engage with the audience as well as the necessary links where needed.
  • Clever use of followers and emphasis on the vote 2020.
  • Good use of GIF but add caption on male mental health and the benefits sports has on this.
  • Loves use of participation posts allows the audience to really engage with the star.
  • Correct the quality of the 9 images that link.



Audience interaction with a social media page – an analysis

In preparation to making my own social media page, I understand that it is really important to analyse and look into what other artist from the same genre do conventionally. I have analysed Khalids’s facebook page using AIDA, and Uses and Gratification. To present this I used screen castify to explain the different conventions and considered the key terms relating to my star image. This task enabled me to understand what is expected and conventional of both a social media page and the alternative R&B genre and has improved my knowledge for when I create my own social media page for my artist.

Social Media Page Terminology

To explore the terminology of the technical conventions of a social media page on Facebook I created an analysis of an artist similar to my own, it is extremely important to understand, apply and use in my work. For this I chose Khalid and took some screen shots from his Facebook page and annotated the screen shots with the key terms that I now know are important when talking about, designing and using a facebook page for promotion. Many of the terms are relevant for all social media platforms.




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