Digipak Conventions Analysis

By analysing the conventions of Billie Eilish’s digipak, I now understand the conventional features of an Indie Pop music digipak. As my digipak will be heavily produced around Billie Eilish’s song ‘Bury A Friend’ I have looked at the features that are able to be encoded and decoded to target audiences. The features that are key to this music genre are; the mood of the star is presented in different ways on the front and back of the digipak, the colours are highly contrasted – conveying the style and mood of the music, and the lack of text (unconventional) to pull the focus on the main star image.

I will consider all of these features when I create my digipak, as I would like to draw attention to similar audiences to Billie Eilish. I would like it to be perceived as a random, edgy, mental Indie Pop star as it would fit in with our music video song.

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