Our Mission Statement

Who is your Audience?

  • Who they are (demographics)?

The typical audience type of our star would be a younger adult (female/male)  that enjoy to listen to Indie Pop; their appearance would usually be young, fashionable and edgy but comfortable (casual). There is a broad age range of fans for our star, however her main fans are younger adults/older teenagers as her music is relatable and easier to understand for a younger generation.

  • What other media they consume and participate in.

They are influenced highly by social media (Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat), they also consume highly in apps such as Spotify and Youtube for entertainment purposes.

  • What their values attitudes and beliefs (ideology / psychographics)



A Call to Action

  • How do you want the audience to engage with your star / album?


  • How will they invest time and money in your star / album?


Who are the competition?

  • Name three similar bands / artists.
  • What are the trends in album designs of similar stars / bands?
  • What does their website look like?

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • Is your star already established or are trying to establish a new presence in the market?
  • What is your star image & how are you trying to innovate / develop that image?
    • Are you mixing up elements of different genres?
    • Are you trying to re-brand your star?
    • Are you emphasising the ordinary or extraordinary?
      • Remember according to Dyer meta narratives include both.

Mission Statement:


Digipak Conventions Analysis

By analysing the conventions of Billie Eilish’s digipak, I now understand the conventional features of an Indie Pop music digipak. As my digipak will be heavily produced around Billie Eilish’s song ‘Bury A Friend’ I have looked at the features that are able to be encoded and decoded to target audiences. The features that are key to this music genre are; the mood of the star is presented in different ways on the front and back of the digipak, the colours are highly contrasted – conveying the style and mood of the music, and the lack of text (unconventional) to pull the focus on the main star image.

I will consider all of these features when I create my digipak, as I would like to draw attention to similar audiences to Billie Eilish. I would like it to be perceived as a random, edgy, mental Indie Pop star as it would fit in with our music video song.

Audience Ideologies

By designing a typical fan profile it has helped me research and explore who the target audience is and how I can suit my future products of our star to fit in with the music genre (Indie Pop) and the audience demographics and psychographics. For my future products, I will closely follow Blumler and Katz uses and gratifications and Stuart Hall’s Theory (being able to encode and decode the ideologies through the product), to insure that the information (personal interest), personal identity, social interaction and entertainment fits conventionally and appeals to the target audiences, I will do this by using  suitable fonts, colours, images, language, information, etc.

It is important to do this research prior designing/going further into the Digipak and Website as I need to understand and be able to suit my products to the correct audiences; this would help make more profit and entertain the target audiences.

Production Skills Evaluation 2

As I have been continuing to do drafts for our music video, I have continued to learn and develop many useful skills and new effects in Premiere Pro that I have managed to add to our video to coincide with our narrative. From continuing to developing these skills through watching Youtube videos and practicing editing, it has helped to present the psychotic star image, the creepy themes and the narrative of our music video (below is a slideshow to present my further developed skills and effects so far).

From reflecting on my skills, I have now got more strengths in my editing and have looked further into my  weaknesses and tried to improve these weaker skills from the last production skill evaluation. I still wish to develop these skills and techniques in my next draft of my music video.

Some new skills that I have recently learnt are; new effects to show the haunting, messed up feel to the video like the Ghosting effect, glitching effects, layering effects with opacity and more movement in the frame (rolls). I still wanted these skills to portray a clear meaning and compliment along side the clips and the narrative. It still directly impacts on the psychotic star image, indie pop genre and the representation of the character. However I didn’t want to over effect the video as I feel that many of these shots already give the intense feel that we are wanting to convey.

Music Video Draft 3

This is the 3rd draft for our music video. For this I looked back on my teachers feedback and my own opinions to improve on my previous video. Getting the feedback did help a lot and I was able to apply the suggestions to this next draft. I applied my developed skills and learnt how to do some appropriate effects that fit well with the narrative.

What I have made improvements on:

  • I made sure that we didn’t repeat any of shots in the video – I changed up the framing or movement in the frame on some clips as they looked too similar.
  • We added more of the drone shots as they worked really well and managed to find spaces in the edit that they fit in really well.
  • I changed the saturation, exposure and some colour correction to increase the idea of a mental illness and to look more creepy.
  • We replaced the clip of the scissors near the face as it is too close to her eye – for this we used a drone shot as it worked well to fit the music and the section of the narrative.
  • We made the clip of Bethany smiling a bit longer to make it more scary, however we couldn’t make it much longer as it wouldn’t fit in with the pace of the music.
  • We made the end clip longer so that it didn’t cut out too quick, however I still feel that it needed to be an abrupt ending as that is the style of the video.
  • We went through each clip and neatened it up as we felt that they could have been sharper as we intend the video to be intense and keep the audience on edge – this worked well and made the lip syncing even better.
  • I definitely explored with other effects and editing skills which did enhance the the video, such as the ghosting effect with the scissors, glitching and overlaying our footage – this gave the video the scary, haunting, weird effect that we were after.

For this draft, we gathered feedback from peers (other media student), by doing this will hopefully open up the audience range of our video as we will try to include feedback from a variety of people. From this we received positive and critical feedback that we will be able to apply for our 4th/final draft.

Peers Feedback – Youtube:

Targets For Improvement:

  • Explore the effect that I used at 02.00 minutes as this was effective – adjust the colours and lighting to make this work better.
  • Use more drone shots as these worked really well.
  • Explore some more creative effects as it will really enhance my video.
  • Change any shots that doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest of the shots (02:33).
  • Use more canted angles and rolls to link all of the shots together present all the creepy shots differently.

Feedback from teacher

From doing my second draft which included narrative, I got some critical feedback from my teacher that I will apply to my future drafts. It is important to get others feedback as they will see other pros and cons that we may not see as a group. It will also mean that we can try and make the video appeal to a wider range of audiences.

Targets from my feedback:

  • Make sure that we haven’t repeated any shots in the video – make sure we use a variety.
  • Use more drone shots as they worked really well and should be included more in the video.
  • Add more saturation or colour correction to make the metaphorical illness character stand out and look more creepy.
  • Colour correct some of the clips so that they match – some are really bright.
  • Replace the clip of the scissors near the face as it is too close to her eye – find an alternative clip.
  • Slow down the clip of her smiling to make it more scary, it is too quick and can’t see the full clip properly.
  • Make the clips that look the same look different by adding movement in the frame in Premiere Pro, like zoom ins/outs, glitches, rolls, etc.
  • Make the end clip longer as again it cuts out too quick and we can’t see the full clip.

Although I have a lot to work on for my final outcome of our music video there were a lot of positives such as;

  • Really good editing pace that fits well to the music.
  • The glitches look really effective.
  • The way the metaphorical character is in the background – not obvious in the frame to start with.
  • Good lip syncing – fits really well.
  • Close ups work really well.
  • ‘Step on the glass’ shot works really well – fits with the theme, narrative and music well.
  • Overall our teacher thought that it was a really strong first full draft and was really happy with our overall structure of our video.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is our draft 2 for our music video that includes both our performance shoot and narrative shoot. Overall I think that this was successful and the clips from both shoot complimented each other really nicely. For this draft our intentions were to make the narrative clearly structured and compatible with the song lyrics and beats in the music. There are a lot of successful aspects and lots of improvements/targets that I have acknowledged from doing this draft. It is extremely important for me to reflect on my own work as I will know what I like and do not like about this draft, it will let me to be particular and give myself my own targets for improvement.

What went well?

  • The narrative of the psychotic character getting gradually taken over by her mental illness is clearly shown well in our first draft.
  • The narrative and performance work well really well and fit the themes and lyrics of the song.
  • Our editing to the beat looked really effective – there is an irregular pace with a strong drive to the video, this adds interest to the audiences and intensity to the video.
  •  The basic colour corrections for some clips worked well as I got them to match in with other clips (I adjusted the exposure and saturation).
  • The lip syncing worked really well, it is all in time and accurately cut using the razor tool in Premiere Pro.
  • The slow down/speed up edits that I added in went well with music and the lyrics.
  • We have used the concept of her having calm and manic stages in our video, we used editing to suggest this too, I think this helps to portray our narrative further.

What can I improve on/targets?

  • Brighten (change the exposure) on some of the clips so that you can see her more clearly as this was a dark venue and was hard to get the right lighting.
  • Even though the clips were in sync and were to the beat of the music, some of the clips could be sharper as we intend the video to be intense and keep the audience on edge.
  • Even though our video is meant to be weird and crazy, I still think we need to stabilise some of the shots to make them look neater in the video, especially as we are adding movement in post production within Premiere Pro.
  • Some clips look a bit repetitive, to change this, we could either use alternative clips that work in that particular section or we could just add movement in the frame using Premiere Pro such as jump cuts, push in/out, change the pace and composition, peds and rolls.
  • Explore with other effects and editing skills as this will enhance the final product and add interest to the video, however we do not want to over effect so we will choose what suits the video and what looks best.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Overall, our narrative shoot was successful as we managed to get the shots that we were aiming for to use in our final video. We managed to get the shots that we planned in our story board that conveyed our basic narrative of; getting gradually more psycho and the metaphorical presentation of the mental illness which was presented through a masked character and the use of mise en scene that we used.

We needed to make sure that we were fully prepared and organised as this was a shoot that we did out of school time and on location at The Underground Hospital. Therefore we made sure that we used our Production Meeting Agenda and did a checklist to make sure we had everything ready for this.

Again for this shoot we struggled with the lighting through the tunnels as it was very dark and didn’t have any bright enough lights from the ceiling. This was difficult to get the lighting balanced and equal enough in each of our shots and to make sure that the setting around her was clear enough to know that this is a mental hospital and not just poor lighting. We wanted it to all be low key and to present this place as a dark creepy place.

Due to this being a public place and a tourist attraction point, this location got quite busy therefore we had to be careful on not getting them in our shots. They were also quite distracting as they would stop to watch and question what we were doing, this was a small issue as we only had a limited time slot that we were able to film in.

As a group we all made sure that we shared each role. We took turns with the cinematography, lighting, makeup, props, etc, to make sure that we were all part of this shoot and contributed our ideas and skills to create some successful footage that we will use in our final music video.

What went well?

  • We managed to find a way to successfully get the low key lighting to work well and show the settings and characteristics that we were aiming for.
  • Bethany and Niall played the roles well, they created a scary atmosphere and made it work out as a mental hospital.
  • We gathered more shots than we expected which we can hopefully use in our video.
  • The composition and movement in the frame worked really well as it presented the mental themes and to fit to our narrative and story board.

What could we have done better?

  • Make sure we sort out the lighting before the shoot – this took us time to get the right and we could have used that time to get extra shots that we may have used in our final video.
  • Go at a time that we are able to film without interruptions, schedule a time that there aren’t too many tourists.
  • Make sure that we take care of Bethany and Niall, it was a cold location therefore we should have bought blankets and flip flops for their feet so that they don’t stay cold for the whole time.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

During the process of making our music video, I have learnt and developed many useful skills in Premiere Pro that I have managed to successfully apply to our video. From developing these skills through editing it has helped present the star image, the themes and the narrative of our psychotic music video (below is a slideshow to present my skills so far).

From reflecting on my skills, I now know what my strengths and weaknesses are in editing, I hope to develop these skills further in my next drafts of my music video and explore the use of effects and filters that may compliment our footage.

Some of my skills so far include; editing to the beat, colour corrections, creating movement through the frame, and slowing/speeding up clips. It is important to understand why I want to use these skills in our video to create meaning and compliment along side the narrative to create a stronger affect towards the audiences. It also directly impacts on the psychotic star image and representation of the character. We also use these skills (sharp editing and irregular speeds) to present the indie rock genre.