Production Skills Evaluation 2

Lenny from Specsavers which is a professional media company came in and gave us some tips and tricks to improve our music videos.

Because our music video is about a strange ghostly figure following a man the ‘echo’ effect would be useful to show that distorted and confusing effect. What the echo effect does it delays the video to how much you want and at the same time the video is played live, so what happens is that you see two of the same image at the same time. On played in real time and the other slightly delayed.

Masking is a useful tool, its a bit like the stamp tool on Photoshop were you cut out a section of the video and then using it to cover another section of the video. In our music video we used the masking tool to merge two videos which have the same mirror shot from the same angle but a different person walking up to mirror, so when when split the two videos in half it looks like the main characters reflection is the masked figure. The reason why we did this is because it makes the audience understand who the masked figure actually is.

In this image below we are using colour correction. Colour correction is a tool where you can adjust the colour, saturation, vibrance, sharpness and faded film of your video. For our music video we used this tool make our video more colourful to match the conventions of the Pop/Rock genre.

Lenny from Specsavers also said that keeping work organised will help to make you more efficient while making the music video. So he said to make two folders called rushes where raw footage is stored and sequences where video sequences we made are stored.

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