Finalising the Preliminary Task and Evaluation Questions

Here is my video of continuity.

The following camera technique that I have used are Low Angle and a  High Angle

I used  the Low Angle technique to create a sense of dominance when lilli (the girl) leaves the room in anger. I used the High Angle technique when Ben (the boy) was opening the bag this creates a sense as vulnerability.

I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules which is the 180 degree rule, Match on action and shot reverse shot.

I used the 180 rule so the audience doesn’t get confused which person is which because the actors will be seen on the same side they were first at, here is an example of the 180 degree rule:Image result for 180 degree rule

The next rule is match on action which is when you cut to a different shot from your original shot that matches it, for example an actor opens the door half open  then a second shot from the other side of the door sees the actor with the door half open as well, this is Match on Action. Here is an image of it.

The last one is shot reverse shot which is showing the conversation of the two actors from there perspective. Here is an example of it:

I have used the following tools/techniques which are razor tool, select tool and fast cutting

I used these tools to cut the shot in to smaller intervals so the scene doesn’t become slow and boring. I used the select tool to order the shots in the correct way so the continuity makes sense.

If I was to do this project again I would record more shots from the same angle so I have more footage too use so that any acting mistakes that causes continuity errors can easily be fixed be using other footage.


Full page advert that would be appropriate for your target audience

I choose this advert because all of my target audience have an interest on music. Also having a music tour poster of a famous artist in my magazine would appeal to my audience and the artist does Pop music which fits the genre. Another reason why I,m using this poster is because it takes place in other places around the so it would fit what my magazine is trying sell. The reason why I chooses this advert is because in my you-gov research I found that one of the hobbies of my target audience is listening to music so advertising a tour  would fit with their interests

The reason why I choose the new Just Dance is because it would appeal to the age range that the magazine has, in addition on you gov it says that people who enjoy Just Dance have an interest in the Pop genre. The reason why I choose advert is because another hobbies they had is playing video games so combining listening to music and video games would make this advert have strong interest from the target audience.


So how did it go?

Before the planning of my magazine I did not know much about how Magazine companies attract there target audience. Now I know that Colour scheme, Images and language effect how a Magazine looks and appeals to a particular audience. For example bright colours like in my magazine would attract Pop enthusiast and dark colours would attract heavy metal or rock enthusiast. Mise en scene has a lot to do with this as well because the way your model looks can affect how your target audience is going to react to your magazine.

The skills I have gained from using Photoshop and In-design have helped to portray the Pop genre, for example using text wrap makes my magazine look funky and gradient tool to create different colour combinations to make the magazine stand out to others.  Along with the technical side I have started to use google drive more because I can store files on it and access them at home so I work on my media work much more.

Overall I think my development throughout media has made my final product reach its potential.