Production Skills Evaluation 2

Lenny from Specsavers which is a professional media company came in and gave us some tips and tricks to improve our music videos.

Because our music video is about a strange ghostly figure following a man the ‘echo’ effect would be useful to show that distorted and confusing effect. What the echo effect does it delays the video to how much you want and at the same time the video is played live, so what happens is that you see two of the same image at the same time. On played in real time and the other slightly delayed.

Masking is a useful tool, its a bit like the stamp tool on Photoshop were you cut out a section of the video and then using it to cover another section of the video. In our music video we used the masking tool to merge two videos which have the same mirror shot from the same angle but a different person walking up to mirror, so when when split the two videos in half it looks like the main characters reflection is the masked figure. The reason why we did this is because it makes the audience understand who the masked figure actually is.

In this image below we are using colour correction. Colour correction is a tool where you can adjust the colour, saturation, vibrance, sharpness and faded film of your video. For our music video we used this tool make our video more colourful to match the conventions of the Pop/Rock genre.

Lenny from Specsavers also said that keeping work organised will help to make you more efficient while making the music video. So he said to make two folders called rushes where raw footage is stored and sequences where video sequences we made are stored.

New Storyboard/PMA


This is the new storyboard for our music video. We have created this because in our original shoot some of the shots we got had some background objects that did not fit the mise en scene or it didn’t satisfy us enough. These shots in the storyboard should fix some of the problems that happened the previous shots. Making a storyboard makes us organised meaning we know what shots to film without having to make them up on the shot making us loss time.

Production Skills Evaluation 1

Production Skills:

Above is an image of the program we use to edit our video (premiere). In this image you can see me using the selector tool to move a clip to the right position. The selector tool is useful because it gives you the ability to move clips to the right location and you can use it to trim the ends of the clip you have selected to make it shorter or longer. Another Tool that is useful is Razor tool which can be used to cut clips. In our video we used it to cut clips to change the shot of the video to make it more intense and fast paced for the audience.

The effects control option is useful in many ways. You can access it  by selecting the clip and clicking effects control on the top right. In the effects control you can change the size, position and rotation of the video, Add animations and control effects like fade in/out. In Our video we used the the scale part of effects control zoom in closer on the protagonist face to make him closer to the audience, doing the zoom on the protagonist adds a dramatic effect as his whole face can be seen in detail. To create animations in premiere you use key frames which are points that you can set a position, scale, rotation and effect for the video  and then later change in the clip change it to something different so it animates to it. We didn’t use key frames much as animation is a convention for our music video its not completely pop but we used it to create smooth zoom ins and outs.

In premiere their is an effects tab where you can find all the stock effects that come with adobe premiere. Some of the effects we used for our music video was exponential fade, colour correction and layering. Exponential fade is transition effect and it has used to show the passing of time in the video as the effect  merges the two videos together. The reason why we used this effect because the narrative would take longer to finish in the music meaning the audience would get fed up because its taking to long to complete. Over laying and Layering we used to create a fog effect over the performance, the fog would represents that unclear and almost messed up mind set of having anxiety.

Above is me putting an exponential fade in the music video, what an exponential fade does is that it fades to black in between the clips create a smooth transition between the clips. The effect is useful for the slow parts of the music video as it is better to use than a straight cut and its appealing to the audience.

Draft 3

Targets for Improvement:

  1. More cuts on the beat of the music because some of the shot changes were out and made the video look sloppy.
  2. Lip syncing is not perfect as It come out in the faster sections of the song
  3. Smoke effect needs to be changed or remove because it currently has no meaning to the performance of the music video.
  4. Narrative needs to be much much clearer as its not clear what exactly is happening to protagonist in the story
  5. Use distorted effects to show protagonist going crazy/mad.
  6.  Make the build up to the reveal who the mask figure is more slower to increase the tension of the video so the audience are more


Feedback from teacher

Here is our teacher reviewing our draft 2 music video.

  1. The teacher likes the match-on-action of the main character opening the door.
  2. The teacher likes the amount of framing and angle shots used in performance and narrative, for example the high angles on the artist to show weakness.
  3. Make the narrative clearer as its confusing because the audience don’t know why the main character is in his situation
  4. We need to develop the idea that he is becoming more anxious by using elements of it in the performance.
  5. Need to show the artist and main character having anxiety
  6. The transitions are alright but could be better.
  7. Need a close up of artist breathing during the song
  8. Shutter ghost transition is good
  9. Need more close-ups Mostly in performance to show the emotions of the artist

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

In this video a lot has changed, for example it is a complete video with performance and narrative in it with rhythmical shot changes. It also has the performance synced up with the song lyrics of the music in addition it has video effects that adds smooth transitions between narrative and performance. I think to improve this video we need make sure that every performance shot is fully synced with the music and have most shots in narrative change on the beat.


  • Sync up audio with video
  • Have shots change on the beat of the song
  • Some shots in narrative are to long and don’t fit the speed of the song, so they need to be sped up.
  • Beginning needs to show more of band as its their song so they should be in more at the start
  • In performance the chorus part need to be more energetic to match the style of the song.
  • Close ups on artist and characters face to show feeling and expression


Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Our Narrative shoot took place in the actors own house and then at the Candie Gardens. The reason why we selected these locations is because the house creates that homey atmosphere  that reflects on his daily life and we choose the Candie gardens as it is away from the public so no disruptions can get in the way.

  • We filmed every shot in chronological order to the narrative, so we did not forget to film any shots.


  • We managed to get close ups of the actors face and props that have a specific meaning to the narrative.


  • We managed to get a wide range of shots from mid long shot to close up.


  • We then got to the Candies gardens which took us a while to get going as the time we arrived was about lunch time so some of our group went to get lunch, which lost us some time but we managed to finish in time with less time.

Below are the some pictures of us filming


This shot was an overall success as we got enough shots to show the narrative in full. If we had to come back to film again we would :

  • Plan our day much more carefully so we know where to go and prepare for it so we can get more shots efficiently.
  • Checked the area a few days before the shoot to get some ideas on where is the best place to shoot shots so we don’t have to improvise where to shot on the day.
  • Make sure that unnecessary items in the background of the shot are removed are removed from sight.
  • Could’ve briefed  the actor on what role he is playing so he has a better understanding of the character hes playing.