Evaluation of web design application

To create our website we used an online software called Wix where you can create your own personal websites. We did not know how the website worked so there was a tutorial to get to grips on the basic on this site and it came with stock templates that we can use to start our website. The stock templates come with different genres of music giving you a wide range of options for you to choose from.

The first thing we did was put a background for the site. To do this you left click on the background and select change background, from there it gives a few option on what you want your background which are stock images from the site, a block colour of your choice, upload an image or a video. We chose to upload an image of  some album art because it is what represents the band  is and what we are trying to sell to our audience. Now the that image is in we found out it was not big enough to fill the whole page above and below the fold so we changed the way it moved on the page. we changed the settings to freeze, so when you scroll up or down the image of the album art stays in the middle while the pages content moves up and down.

A tool we used for the page was the add music tool which allows to put the music the band selling on to the page so the viewer can click on it to get a short demo of the song to see if they like it and it gives the option for you to buy it individually or as an album. This is useful as it allows the viewer to get a first impression of the band without buying a track and they really like the music they will purchase it. To add this you click the plus symbol on the left hand side of the page and then music. From here you can select a range of play buttons, music players and links to music platforms like Spotify and Soundcloud. We used the album  button as the our band has just realised a new album so we want our audience to hear what it sounds like.

Having these tools allows use to create a website that meets the conventions and appeal to our target audiences so they can invest into our product.

Website Previous Students Work

Here is a previous students website I am going to analysing 

When you first get on to the web page you are greeted to a title of the band and a video of their latest music video. Having there name and newest music video right at the start is good as to a new viewer of the website it would give a very good impression of the band straight away, it gives the audience a taste of what the band is to see if they like them.  The navigation of the website is really easy as all the content is on a single page which scrolls up down. At the top of the page there are tabs that are called; Latest Video, About, Discography, Tour Dates, Media and Merchandise . Clicking on these automatically takes you the section of web page where it is at, for example if I click the About tab it will take me to information and history of the band. Having the the navigation like this makes it easier for someone new to site to get around it and with the tabs at the top makes it easier to specifically find what you want. When scrolling down the page large capital letters  are dotted at the top of each section, I am assuming it is a capital letter for the name of the section, for example ‘T’ for ‘Tour Dates’.

In the about page there is a nice paragraph about the band and who they are but I feel it needs more like more information on the individual band members (age, where they are from and etc…) and any competitions they took part in or awards they have won. Scrolling down more brings you to their Discography where there is art from their latest album, this is good part of the page as it is showing of their products they are selling but it would be hard for most people to know what it is, as it has no description with the art to say what it is. Next up is the Tour date area and the band currently have no tours. Finally on the page is their Media page where you can see a collage of images of the band on tour, performing and out in public, the way the collage is shaped looks a bit like their ‘X on the album. Clicking on the images makes it larger to see it in more detail and once you clicked on the images you can change the images in the larger view by clicking the arrows on the side. This is really good part of the website as it is showing who the band are to new comers viewing it. The merchandise page is separate to the main page where most of the content is. The merchandise has a uniform layout of all the products they are selling. Right at the bottom of all the pages is a subscribe button where you can put your email and receive news or information of the band as soon as its released.

The colour scheme is mainly white, grey and a mixture of light blue/pink. This colour scheme reflects on who the band are. Which are an indie pop band, the colour represents the chill and laid back nature of the band.

The web page is overall very good but improvements can be made. Firstly the capital letters are a bit out of place, they are not set in a uniform way and they are unnecessary as the viewer of the website can easily see the title of the section. Another problem is the colour of the text on the page, it is to similar to background image which has black/grey wires running in different directs and because the text in the same colour it makes it harder to see what the it says. Here is an example:




Evaluation of shoot

Below is the contact sheet of a set of photos we took on shoot. We did the photo shoot in the white studio using a DSLR camera and two white studio lights. We sometimes adjusted the studio lights to create shadows, that made the images edgy, grungy and add more contrast to the images which reflected the genre of the band.


I think to improve our images we need to test the DSLR camera settings because some of the images were to blurry because the shutter speed was to slow and/or the image is two dark because the aperture is too small. Making sure the camera settings are correct means that you do not waste time taking photos that are blurry and too dark, which would mean we would have more of a selection of images to use for our digipack. Another thing we could of done is add some coloured lights, so we could have more variety in the image.

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

Here is a flow chart for the layout of our website. We have done this so we have an idea on how to structure our website, this makes us organised and efficient as we planned  where everything will go, so it makes sense to viewer and so they don’t lose where they are on the site. We did this to understand how advance a website layout and structure can be for someone trying to navigate the web page, so understanding how websites layout will make it easier for the target audience to use.


Below is the template we used from the website creator Wix. The template is called ‘Rock Music’ and includes tabs called home, tour, media and about. This template is useful as it has the preset layout to help us build our website. The template also has conventions that match the genre of a Pop Punk band so its a perfect fit for us to use.



Production Skills Evaluation 3

One of the skills I learnt from creating this digipak is creating circle patterns for where the CD will be place in the case. Below is an example of one the patterns I made:

I made this pattern by watching video tutorial on how to create these patterns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_daq3-90KOw. Firstly I created the base pattern I was going to form a circle which is a cross and then created guides that are found in the view tab at the top. When the guides are visible it created a cross down the middle which allows me to positions the shape with accuracy, the cross is the center of circle. I then move the shape up directly above the cross and then I moved the shapes pivot point to the cross in the middle of page. What this means is that when I rotate the shape it stays the same distance from the middle. Now I copy it with Ctrl + C and rotate it slightly to the side. Now I press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+T and it copy and pastes the image around a pivot point creating the pattern above.

This is the Gradient Tool:

The Gradient tool is a tool that blends any colour you want to create new and interesting combinations of colours. I used this tool to create the background for the digipak. Below is what I created. To create this background I used a combination of tools which were the liquify tool, the quick selection and the gradient tool. I used the quick selection first to out line the waves of a template, then when the specific area was selected I used the gradient tool with mixer of red and black to create the red center of it, then I selected to other area and used a combination of black and purple and switched the colours around. Using the mixture of red, purple and black creates the combination of colours you see below, the areas that are coloured black create contrast and makes the other colours stand out more. Now I used the liquify tool to warp the waves so they look distorted around the middle of the image, this warping will attract the audiences attention towards the middle where the band would be placed on the digipak.

As you can see below are to images of before and after being photoshopped. The tools I used here are the polygon select tool and the dodge tool. The polygon select tool was used to cut out the star so he could be placed on to the background I created earlier. I used the dodge to lighten up the face of the star to remove the shadow which was obstructing his face a little.