Design Skills 2

Throughout the production of my magazine, my design skills have definitely improved drastically and made me more comfortable with indesign and photoshop.

Skills I have learnt

  • To make sure the colours I used were the same I use the eyedropper tool when allows me to click on the colour on the page then use that colour elsewhere even if its a shape or text.
  • When adding text throughout my magazine that I want to make an impact and be seen, I use the drop shadow tool which creates a subtle but effective look on the text.
  • To make my pug I used the ellipse tool but then added different point on it and made a unique shape of my own.
  • To place photos on my magazine I would use the rectangle frame tool as well as the ellipse frame tool to correctly place the image when I could then proceed to reshaping the image.

Eyedropper tool in Photoshop

Drop shadow tool in Indesign

Ellipse tool in Photoshop

Rectangle frame tool in Indesign

The production techniques I have learnt

  • I have learnt how to portray my magazine perfectly for my target audience.
  • Expanded my overall understanding of production and designing a magazine.

What went well

  • I was really happy how my front page and contents page turned out as I used the best design skills in these two pages.
  • I liked how i stuck to the main colour of red throughout the magazine.
  • I was happy with all the images I used.

Even better if…

  • I would have adapted my contents page slightly as compared to the other pages, it doesn’t match the theme that well.
  • I would have spent more time on my Double Page Spread as I don’t like the colours I used in these pages and I think it is too dark and also too simple with places that look incomplete.

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