So… How is it going?

Transferable skills

Through the production of my magazine I have learnt many transferable skills.

Communication: When producing my media i needed to make sure my communication with my models to make sure I am organised and prepared for my shoot and have everything we need. Another communication that helped me was getting feedback from my peers and teacher as this tells me what and where I need to improve on in my magazine.

Research: Research has helped me so much as through this, I have learnt who my target audience so there I can therefore base my adverts on the research I have concluded and what fits my magazine the best. This research has helped my to find out everything about the hip hop genre.

Leadership and being Organised: Through the production of my magazine I have gained lots of leadership when trying to organise my models and to produce exactly what I want and tell them exactly what I want them to do for the perfect outcome and to be organised is vital because if everything is not perfect and organised properly then the shoot wouldn’t go as planned and would make the magazine not go as well as I would hope for.

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