A New Improved Feature Article

This is my new improved article that I will be including into my DPS

Amber and Kita collaborate. The two biggest stars join together to release the biggest hit this year following their feud around this time last year, the two come together and tell us some exclusive gossip.

Kita is from a very well off family and has been brought up in luxury. Amber on the other hand has not been as lucky with her upbringing which has definitely inspired her to do her best with her career now and also inspired all her fans. The two recently have only just resolved their problems with each other and made some beautiful music as a result of this. 

Around March 2019, news broke out about the feud of Amber and Kita with the well known star, Jack. Amber tells us how heartbroken as her and Jack were dating when the news broke out that Kita and Jack went on a romantic getaway to Paris! Both the stars had a twitter feud and everything between the two got very heated and the stars completely cut off all friendship between them as they wanted to just get on with their work with no distractions.  

Amber threw some shade at Kita which she then replied with a nasty comment which led to upsetting Amber and her fans.

 Throughout the whole rough patch, Jack was keeping things quiet and we didn’t hear much from him, but we could all tell he was feeling remorseful for the actions he made from cheating on amber with Kita.

Amber and Kita tell us that its was around a year later that they had troubles but they decided to come together and show their strength as a whole and little did they know that this was the beginning of a beautiful partnership together and to come back at Jack as some of the songs on the album called “Explanation”  They told us that their album release date is April 15th and the two both are overjoyed with the results of this album. 

The Improvements I made:

  • I added a stand first which makes it stand out more, I’ve also change the colour of the writing so it matches the rest of my DPS.
  • I checked over my spelling and the whole article to see if it makes sense.
  • Checked capital letters were all in the right place and my punctuation was perfect.

My target is to now add this in to my final DPS draft hopefully and goes into my DPS well. Now my that my article is complete this will show my DPS in full and it completed.

Draft of Contents Page

First Draft of my Contents Page

I am very pleased with my first draft of my contents page as although it doesn’t really match my theme I think it is really fun and playful which connotes to the stories inside. I like how the background of my contents page matches with the theme of the front cover as there are diagonal lines going across the background. I feel this background gives the sense of interest and desire as your eyes are attracted to it and makes you want to read more.

A New Improved Front Page

My New and Improved Front Page

I have made many changes on my front page, some including:

  • Title clearer
  • Photo at the bottom
  • Replaced the placeholder text with relevant text
  • Added a pug for affect
  • Captions

I hope the changes makes the magazine front cover look a lot more professional and more so the customers would be intrigued and want to buy a copy. I think my front cover has improved so much from my first draft and think it just looks a lot more put together than my first draft did.

My targets are to maybe stop the writing going over her face so her face looks a lot more clear and not overlapping with the writing. Maybe I could move some of the writing to the left hand side as there’s more room or I could add more writing.

What is a Contents Page?

This is my hand drawn layout for some ideas for my contents page.

I want to make sure my contents page is clear to my audience and easy to understand, I have drafted 5 catchy headlines I may include in my contents page which gives a sense of interest and attracts the audience as the headlines have secrecy to them and tell exclusive stories which will make the reader want to read on. I want my contents page to be eye catching and well designed but also easy to understand and locate pages in the magazine without ease.

In my contents page i will need to include AIDA and Blumler and Katz theory to make my contents page intriguing and desirable to the audience and want them to flick through the magazine and for everything to work well together.


  • Attract.
  • Interest.
  • Desire.
  • Action.

Blumler and Katz

  • Entertain.
  • Inform/Educate.
  • Social interaction.
  • Personal Identity.

In my contents page I will need to make sure to include these aspects:

  • Introduction from editor.
  • Hyperbole and superlatives in titles.
  • Reminder of magazine name and the mission statement.
  • Page numbers.
  • Images.
  • graphic illustrations and designs.