Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

I think my lip sync went well because:

  • I matched up the lip syncing with the music.
  • I got both of us in the video.

I can improve next time by:

  • videoing more content.
  • make the edit more interesting and switch up between people.

I need to make sure I get my lip sync perfect in my music video as this creates more of an effect and shows how the singer connects to the music and feel as if theyre singing it.

Detailed Music Video analysis

These are my detailed music video analysis

I think when doing these detailed analysis’ they made me really dive deep into the music video and pick out very specific details that I wouldn’t normally recognise when I watch music videos. The template was so useful as I knew what I was looking for and this also helps me to think about what I should include in my music video when I make one.

Favourite Music Video from Former Student

This is my favorite former student video.

What I like about the video:

  • The variety of where she is performing in may different backgrounds which I really liked as it makes the whole video a lot more interesting.
  • The lighting is very good as well as the quality of the video.
  • The lip syncing was very good and perfectly in time with the music.
  • The costumes were very well thought out and varied and bright which connotes she is a cheerful girl and very fun.
  • Her makeup is perfect and also matches with her outfits which adds a really nice touch and brings the whole look together.
  • I like the shot at the start with a frame within a frame and I think all the shots are very well thought out.

What I think could have gone better:

  • I think that the narrative of the video is very unoriginal and is used in many music videos and I think that the narritave could have been made better.

Prelim Task Mood Montage

My Montage Planned

In pairs, we were asked to come up with a montage with a list of phrases to help us to think of ideas. Me and my partner decided to choose the theme, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. For this idea we wanted to do a montage of all everyday things but make them look beautiful. After a few of these videos we will have a model reacting to what they are watching and how impressed they are. The last scene is of the model blinking followed by the trees swaying again then fading out.

The storyboard helped us to plan out exactly what we wanted to do and plan what emotions we wanted to create in the audiences head.

Do you think your montage has an impact?

  • My montage is based on everyday objects and things we do so maybe it will make people think different about the things we do everyday.

Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?

  • With my models blank expression on his face, this shows how he is taking everything in around him and admires these.

How does one specified cuts create meaning?

  • With the eye blinking, this shows how he has captured all the beauty that surrounds us and actually taken notice of it today.

Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?

Do you use repetition of some shots? If so, how do they help communicate your idea?

  • Yes, i used a repetition shot of the trees right at the end and the second shot at the start, they show although we see trees everywhere, they’re significant and highlight their beauty.

What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?

  • I would have ideally liked to have some shots of pretty flowers and or more ugly everyday things to communicate to the audience the significance of it.

Draft Feature Article

My Draft Feature Article

Kita is from a very well off family and has been brought up in luxury. Amber on the other hand has not been as lucky with her upbringing which has definitely inspired her to do her best with her career now and also inspired all her fans. The two recently have only just resolved their problems with each other and made some beautiful music as a result of this. 

Around March 2019, news broke out about the feud of Amber and Kita with the well known star, Jack. Amber tells us how heartbroken as her and Jack were dating when the news broke out that Kita and Jack went on a romantic getaway to Paris! Both the stars had a twitter feud and everything between the 2 got very heated and the stars completely cut off all friendship between them as they wanted to just get on with their work with no distractions.  

Amber threw some shade at Kita which she then replied with a nasty comment which led to upsetting Amber and her fan.

Throughout the whole rough patch, Jack was keeping things quiet and we didn’t hear much from him, but we could all tell he was feeling remorse for the actions he made from cheating on amber with one Kita.

Amber and Kita tell us that its was around a year later that they had troubles but they decided to come together and show their strength as a whole and little did they know that this was the beginning of a beautiful partnership together and to come back at Jack as some of the songs on the album called “Explanation”  They told us that their album release date is April 15th and the two both are overjoyed with the results of this album.

My targets for development:

  • Need to check over my article properly.
  • Add a stand first.

So… How is it going?

Transferable skills

Through the production of my magazine I have learnt many transferable skills.

Communication: When producing my media i needed to make sure my communication with my models to make sure I am organised and prepared for my shoot and have everything we need. Another communication that helped me was getting feedback from my peers and teacher as this tells me what and where I need to improve on in my magazine.

Research: Research has helped me so much as through this, I have learnt who my target audience so there I can therefore base my adverts on the research I have concluded and what fits my magazine the best. This research has helped my to find out everything about the hip hop genre.

Leadership and being Organised: Through the production of my magazine I have gained lots of leadership when trying to organise my models and to produce exactly what I want and tell them exactly what I want them to do for the perfect outcome and to be organised is vital because if everything is not perfect and organised properly then the shoot wouldn’t go as planned and would make the magazine not go as well as I would hope for.

Design Skills 2

Throughout the production of my magazine, my design skills have definitely improved drastically and made me more comfortable with indesign and photoshop.

Skills I have learnt

  • To make sure the colours I used were the same I use the eyedropper tool when allows me to click on the colour on the page then use that colour elsewhere even if its a shape or text.
  • When adding text throughout my magazine that I want to make an impact and be seen, I use the drop shadow tool which creates a subtle but effective look on the text.
  • To make my pug I used the ellipse tool but then added different point on it and made a unique shape of my own.
  • To place photos on my magazine I would use the rectangle frame tool as well as the ellipse frame tool to correctly place the image when I could then proceed to reshaping the image.

Eyedropper tool in Photoshop

Drop shadow tool in Indesign

Ellipse tool in Photoshop

Rectangle frame tool in Indesign

The production techniques I have learnt

  • I have learnt how to portray my magazine perfectly for my target audience.
  • Expanded my overall understanding of production and designing a magazine.

What went well

  • I was really happy how my front page and contents page turned out as I used the best design skills in these two pages.
  • I liked how i stuck to the main colour of red throughout the magazine.
  • I was happy with all the images I used.

Even better if…

  • I would have adapted my contents page slightly as compared to the other pages, it doesn’t match the theme that well.
  • I would have spent more time on my Double Page Spread as I don’t like the colours I used in these pages and I think it is too dark and also too simple with places that look incomplete.