Critical Reflection Essay


Critical Reflection on Component 3


A promotion package for the release of an album, to include:

  • a music video (major task)

  • a social media page (minor task)

  • a digipak (minor task)


Table of Contents

  • How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?
  • Focus on all products
  • How did your research inform your products and the way they use or challenge conventions?
  • Focus on music video conventions
  • How do your products represent social groups or issues?
  • Focus on digipack
  • How do your products engage with the audience?
  • Focus on social media page


Part 1

How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?

This is our mission statement; The unique style and challenges against typical conventions is how Maxx intends on encouraging his audience to be powerful and unique just like him. Maxx always makes a statement whether it’s the music he produces, his image or his presence and interaction with followers on social media. Maxx is a refreshing artist who wants to inspire his young audience and share his love for love, which is exactly what he did with his new release ‘Still Don’t Know My Name’. 

Maxx hopes to continue to spread love, kindness and confidence to his audience with the music and image he illustrates. 

The white colour scheme with the UV lighting was a consistent feature in our work. A slightly surreal dreamlike and heavenly quality to the products. We decided to include both the UV and white colour scheme consistent as putting the two together it makes the white glow, when our star was filmed with a UV light he looked as if he was luminus and made to look like the centre of attention which is the exact effect we wanted to give off for our fans as this also is explained in our mission statement, we say how Maxx is unique and powerful which is the effect these techniques gave us. 


The feather features in our digipak and our music video, this gives an elegant feel to our brand  as this feather resembles love, passion and daintiness. This feather appears in our music video with our angel and another shot of the feather falling to the ground, this gives the effect that our star’s love is dying. The feather appears in our digipak alongside a big white flower and a more petite white flower also under a UV light with a cool colour of blue shining on them also making them appear neon. 


Part 2

How did your research inform your products and the way they use or challenge conventions?


For our general, we researched many different R&B artists,  We  figured that most of these artists used a more performance based video. From our research, we found that many of the R&B videos, for example, the Ed Sheeran “Give Me Love” video I watched, intrigued my partner and I and we really loved the idea of an angel figure appearing in our video. We thought about the repertoire of elements told by Lacey and we tried to match the genre’s style as much as we could. 


Conventionally we found that music videos in our genre use controversial images and in some sense dangerous ideas. The self destructive angel in Euphoria was an image we decided to use. The low key neon club lighting of the dance RnB genre was also a feature we decided to empulate. We decided to use this in our video as this makes the white stand out and look pure, so for our male star we wanted to make sure she was glowing and showing the best side of himself, this highlights his innocence. 


We took the convention of the broken angel and flipped it a bit, and instead of the subversive image of the drunken self destructive angel, we decided to use this to represent the ideal woman that our star had fallen in love with. We keep self destructive attitudes through unrequited love and neon lighting in the performance, we also edit to the beat, we make sure to maintain it throughout the video  because the audience likes the relationship between rhythm in music and rhythm in editing.


In this sense to use it in the narrative is suggesting an idealised love interest, an unrequited love. The angel is never present in our performers life, we subvert the narrative. The normal expectations of the star is that he always gets the girl, however in our video we wanted to change this expected norm and to leave the audience wanting to know more and be intrigued by this. She is always out of reach and remote from our star, which is how we created new ideologies. 


Part 3

How do your products represent social groups or issues?

Star image is constructed for a metanarrative in which the star is represented in an extraordinary way. They feel things in a more intense way than ‘ordinary’ people and in that sense they are represented as extraordinary! In our digipak we sought to construct an extraordinary image by comparing and contrasting him with a flower and feather and some drawn on tears which are glowing, this gives the audience a sense of sympathy for the star as they see the pain he is facing through unrequited love. The flower and feather give a very dainty and fragile sense to our star along with the tears that just amplifies this even further. 

The angel in our digipak is very angelic. The lightning cuts off her face, this gives her a mysterious look, very pure. The way the lighting is on the angel’s face shows that she isn’t giving anything away, which gives a threatening look and a sense of danger, as well as her posture with her arms crossed, this makes her seem powerful and dominant, this highlights how she is in control of our stars love for her and the strong woman she is. 

The tears have a cultural code of a criminal, prison inmate. The way they glow and stand out on his face boldly and show his weaknesses. The flower implies romance and passion, The colour of it is also effective as it is white, a cultural code of being pure and angelic. The white colour of the rose is shown throughout the dipack with our stars costume, which glows blue in the light we used, this creates a sense of unrequited love and coldness throughout. The font and the drop shadow on our typeface, lends it a boldness and immediacy (almost like a blockbuster movie) which implies significance and urgency. The different colours also add a sense of importance and contrast to the blue which is very significant to our digipak and wanted to include a contrasting theme. 


Part 4

How do your products engage with the audience?


Social interaction can be seen on our social media page through our settings and we can see who has shared or visited our profile and how many people do this, this also includes gender and age and geography. 


The marketing strategy of AIDA helped us to make sure we attract, interest, create desire and create action to the consumers. We included our merchandise to get the fans attention and desire and so they can become a part of our star’s life by purchasing the items. Blumler & Katz would describe this as media being used for ‘personal identity’ as the audience wants to interact with the star by dressing like them.


We branded our star in a softer way, a sensitive man who is in touch with his own feelings and to diminish the stigma attached to mental health issues amongst young men. They see their own issues brought to the fore. We wanted to add this campaign in our social media page as it spreads awareness and shows our star supporting good causes and also giving the audience an insight to his personal life as they get to see what movements our star is following and for them to also support the same campaigns as him. 


The merchandise page is important in that it is a call to action for the audience to shape their personal identity based on the image of the star. The page includes all the items the star is selling as his merchandise, this page will also include important information about the star. Indeed, we were hoping that the fans would take the opportunity to brand themselves and spread the message further by wearing our branded clothes.

We also made sure to include a teaser of the music video, involving some shots of our main star and a few other clips of the angel which do not give away too much about the video. This is designed to be engaging to our audience as it creates a sense of interest and desire for the audience to then watch the video when it is released and for them to then interact with our profile which will keep them actively involved in the star’s life.

Timeline and Marketing ideas

A timeline of our post ideas and how they would look on instagram. 

From creating our social media page we want to make to make sure to attract, interest, create desire and a call to action (AIDA), for the audience. We made this timeline to get ourselves prepared and organised for what we are going to include in our social media page and make sure it sends out the right message to our audience. We aim to create a build up of anticipation and excitement for the audience by giving sneak peaks of our products and the release date for this.

Branding Moodboard

This is our Branding Moodboard

Made with Padlet

From creating this branding moodboard, it helped us to gather our ideas for our digipak and what we aim to achieve. we included different colour schemes from our genre, typical typefaces in our genre, different mes en scene, the graphics we wish to include and some inspirational digipaks that are conventional to our genre. We will refer back to when creating our digipak and also when shooting for it too.

Digipak Draft 3

Digipak Draft 3 (final draft)

Our digipak in the CD case

We carried out a survey to see what genre people thought our digipak was:

  • 4 people said R&B
  • 1 person said Techno
  • 1 person said Jazz

From carrying out this survey it shows us that our digipak does follow the conventions of a usual R&B artist and their digipaks.

Some adjectives that describe our Digipak are:

Graceful, dazzling, Melancholic, Beautiful

Social Media Page Terminiology

Analysis of Beyonce’s facebook page.

We analysed Beyoncé’s social media page as she is a star similar to ours. This helped us to investigate what conventions and terminology we need to incorporate into our social media page.

Important features to include in a social media page:

  • About section, this gives us information about the artist for the followers.
  • Header image, this is usually the first thing a person would see on the page so it would be beneficial for a ad, promoting the artist.
  • pinned images and videos, this helps the audience engage with the post she wants them to see the most, which again helps with promoting the star and what they wish for the audience to engage with.

Hand Drawn Mockup

This is our plan for our digipak.

Front and in left.

For this design we want our star to be on the front cover with some tears showing on our stars face, this will shows a sense of melancholy behavior with our star. Our font will be bold to show impact and draw the audience to this. We want to show a sense of desire in our digipak to relate to our music video. Featuring both our main star and the angel appearing in our music video. We will use a UV light for our front cover which is also a big part of our music video, this makes the cover bold and intriguing, this will also make the tears on our stars face glow and show his emotion more deeply. The font we will use will be san serif which will make the text very clear and bold.

In right and back

We wanted to include the feather in our digipak as this is a big significance in our music video and relates back to the angel and the single feather shot in the end of our music video has a dramatic impact so we wanted to show how this feather is featured in our products we created. The feather and the angel signifies beauty and elegance which we refer to in our music video with our angel, we decided to we wanted to incorporate this in our digipak as the angel is a big part of our music video highlighting romance and charm.

Music Video Draft 3

This is draft 3 of our music video. 

Feedback from my peers

This feedback from one of my peers is very helpful to help us realise what we need to improve on for our draft 4 and it’s good to get a second opinion as they might’ve noticed something that we didn’t.

From our feedback we realise we need to add some more transitions and to try add some shots of our stars emotions to portray his loneliness, this feedback helped us so much because as well as the areas we need to improve on, we also need to look at what we have done well and make our improvements get up to this standard. We have taken from this feedback to try make our video more engaging to the audience.