My Tour Poster

Whilst making my own music magazine cover i will need to make sure to remember to include very important factors, the front cover is effectively the most important part of the magazine as it’s the first thing that the readers see so it needs to create the right effect so that it is clear to the readers as to what genre the magazine is and to catch their eyes and intrigue them.

The genre that i was assigned was 80’s Disco and the magazine front covers that i looked up were all very colourful or used complimentary colours with a plain background. A common colour in all of the magazines is blue and many with pinks included so i wanted to make sure to add blue in my tour poster.

My Mood Board for 80’s Disco


My Tour Poster



for a clearer copy please click here: Tour Poster Self Assessment

Things i think i should improve for next time.

  • Add more images.
  • Involve more colour
  • More expression on the models face or change her pose to match the genre.

My Magazine Front Page Swede

The Music Magazine

My Magazine Swede

I really enjoyed this task as it made me think about what to include in my own music magazine and taught me so much about the platform we used to recreate the front covers, this will help me so much to create my own music magazine. Although i was unable to find the same photo that was used in the original magazine cover, i found one very similar of radiohead and it fit perfectly and i was very happy with how it turned out.

Through my copy of the front over I later discovered that I had misspelled some words which although it is a big mistake, I will learn from this and make sure to not make any mistake on my music magazine and to proofread all my writing.

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The Camera Talks

My Photoshoot

Made with Padlet

Our task was to create a moodboard with our 9 favorite photos from our first photoshoot and write about what we thought about each photo we took. Me and my partner were satisfied with the photos we took and although some went wrong, it just taught us where we went wong and how to fix those problems, i also thing we had a mixed array of the angles and tried to experiment with the camera. If i were to do this task again i would try to use different backgrounds and different distances from the model.

Technical Camera Terms

Contact sheet 1

Contact sheet 2

When taking these photos, i knew it was important to get the lighting right and everything specifically wanted as it would tell a story in every photo i take and show meaning and there are different ways to show these stories or moods by different camera angles.

close shot shots highlight important things and focus more on the person themselves and without anything blocking the view of the person

Long shot is the opposite of a close up and shows the person’s entire body, from head to toes yet also shows the background in greater detail. Extreme long shot, the person almost gets lost in the shot as there is so much to it and lots of background imagery.

Medium shot is between a long shot and a close shot and shows from their waist up to their head yet shows some background and doesn’t get lost in it.

angles are also very important when taking photos and trying to create a story as doing a high angle shows the person to be vulnerable and helpless where as a low shot shows the person in the frame to be superior and powerful.


My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning.

My Mood board

Made with Padlet

By making this mood board,  it made it a lot clearer to us what we were trying to achieve for our photo shoot and the types of things we will use and lookout for when planning the shoot.

80’s disco music genre

We got given the theme 80’s disco music genre in my partner that i got put into. As soon as we got given this genre we were both quite excited to get started as we both know quite a lot about 80’s fashion sense and the type of music and people in that genre. We used mise-en-scene as much as we possibly could to get the best outcome for out genre. We tried to get the lightning quite bright as it makes the photo look cheerful and vibrant which goes well with our 80’s theme and the colours that we made the model wear.  Our mood board shows all the things we thought of in the process of trying to establish what we would dress our model in and what background we can use to create the effect we want to achieve.

When making this this image, the pose i made my model do reflects well with my music genre which i think shows a lot when looking at this photo because it can show the audience what is happening in the photo and hints what music genre it is. The costume she is wearing is very bright and colourful to also reflect the 80’s theme and give the audience a clear idea as to what they’re buying.

  • Costume
  • Lightning
  • Acting and Proxemics
  • Makeup and hair
  • Props
  • Settings

These things are so important to get right when thinking about the photo shoot for the particular genre that you are doing as all genres  have all these aspects but need to be different as none of them are the same and use the same props or the same lightning etc.

Print Media that Communicates Meaning

My print media.

CLAMPS is such an important thing to consider when making media to get the best outcome.

The anagram CLAMPS means:

  • Costume
  • Lightning
  • Acting and proxemics
  • Makeup and hair
  • Props
  • Settings

I have taken into consideration mise-en-scene in this analysis of dua lipa’s tour magazine and i think it’s so important to think about these 6 things as everything needs to compliment eachother so the magazine looks more professional and altogether has a better outcome if its planned and well constructed. I will definitely use mise-en-scene when i do my own music magazine as it will help and guide me to making the whole thing look a lot better and to make sure everything is perfect.