Branding Moodboard

This is our Branding Moodboard

Made with Padlet

From creating this branding moodboard, it helped us to gather our ideas for our digipak and what we aim to achieve. we included different colour schemes from our genre, typical typefaces in our genre, different mes en scene, the graphics we wish to include and some inspirational digipaks that are conventional to our genre. We will refer back to when creating our digipak and also when shooting for it too.

Digipak Draft 3

Digipak Draft 3 (final draft)

Our digipak in the CD case

We carried out a survey to see what genre people thought our digipak was:

  • 4 people said R&B
  • 1 person said Techno
  • 1 person said Jazz

From carrying out this survey it shows us that our digipak does follow the conventions of a usual R&B artist and their digipaks.

Some adjectives that describe our Digipak are:

Graceful, dazzling, Melancholic, Beautiful

Hand Drawn Mockup

This is our plan for our digipak.

Front and in left.

For this design we want our star to be on the front cover with some tears showing on our stars face, this will shows a sense of melancholy behavior with our star. Our font will be bold to show impact and draw the audience to this. We want to show a sense of desire in our digipak to relate to our music video. Featuring both our main star and the angel appearing in our music video. We will use a UV light for our front cover which is also a big part of our music video, this makes the cover bold and intriguing, this will also make the tears on our stars face glow and show his emotion more deeply. The font we will use will be san serif which will make the text very clear and bold.

In right and back

We wanted to include the feather in our digipak as this is a big significance in our music video and relates back to the angel and the single feather shot in the end of our music video has a dramatic impact so we wanted to show how this feather is featured in our products we created. The feather and the angel signifies beauty and elegance which we refer to in our music video with our angel, we decided to we wanted to incorporate this in our digipak as the angel is a big part of our music video highlighting romance and charm.

Digipak Draft 2

This is our second draft of our digipak

Feedback from teacher

What went well:

  • The colour scheme.
  • The images, especially inside with textures and the mise-en-scene.

What we could improve on for our next draft:

  • I think we need to play around with different colours and maybe the layout of the text, maybe orange as it is a complementary colour.
  • Colour correct the orange.
  • Different font for “MAXX” and the tracklist.
  • Include more songs.
  • Outline the tears.
  • move “The” next to “blue”.

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment

Our Production Meeting Agenda

We do not require a risk assessment for our shoot as we will not be going off site.

When making this production meeting agenda sheet, it is very useful for us to look at and to try get everything ready and organised for the shoot,  this also helps us to plan what we want to achieve from the shoot so helps us to get an idea of how it will turn out. PMA’s are also useful as we plan what everyone will be bringing so no one forgets to bring a certain item or prop for the shoot.

Contact sheet

Above are our photos from our shoot for our digipak. 

Our aims when shooting for our digipak:

  • We wanted to make sure to portray beauty when taking our photos, this is why we incorporated a rose.
  • We also were very keen to add in a feather to represent the angle in our music video.
  • We made sure to include the black light as it is included in our video also.
  • We wanted to make sure that our photos were crisp and looked a very good standard, to achieve this we had to play with the iso and make sure it was correct.

Although we didn’t manage to take lots of photos, we definitely had the outcome we wanted from these photos and are really happy with them. We thought our photos definitely looked very high quality and loved the way they looked. We were also very happy with our Mise-En-Scene as it is exactly as we planned and gives the audience a sense as to what is expected in the album. Our mise en scene does show a sense of unrequited love as we can see our model is in a blue light with tears rolling down his face. We also have a feather included as a reminder of the angel.

Digipack Draft 1


What went well:

  • The images we included I am very happy with and love the vibrance.
  • How all the colours match well.

Improvements we should work on:

  • Fonts.
  • Arrangements of the text.
  • Record label logo.

Our Mise-en-scene went really well as the lighting we used complemented the star and the props we used as the light illuminated them to make them stand out. The costume we dressed our star in worked really well with everything so looked good. The angels costume worked well as the wings are a significant part of the music video as the way they stand out in the photo in front of the sunset looks really nice and fits with our digipak very well.

In Photoshop, we didn’t really have to touch up and photos apart from the tears and making them appear more bold on our stars face.

In InDesign, we decided to use white for the typeface as our images are quite dark so this makes the text stand out. We also made the typeface on the front cover different to the other typefaces as this is fits in with the conventions of other R&B digipaks that are similar to ours.

Our Mission Statement – The Package Brand

We made this powerpoint to show our mission statement and our marketing strategy that we are using for our digipak.

The powerpoint shows the age ranges of the audience we are targeting our music video and digipak to, we included all of the demographics so we have a good understanding of exactly who we are targeting our work towards. But also to help us get creative and create a unique selling point for our target audience and to help our stand out and want people to listen to and love our work.

We also researched our competition to see what we were up against and to try find a way for ours to stand out. Although most of the R&B and pop genre have the same kind of ideas but for our plan we want it to match up with our music video but also look very striking and catch people’s eyes.

We will make sure to look back on our mission statement and keep checking we are sticking to our original plan and to make sure it turns out exactly how we wish. This is vital in stages of production as it helps us stay organised and help us plan what will work best for us.