Music Video Draft 3

This is draft 3 of our music video. 

Feedback from my peers

This feedback from one of my peers is very helpful to help us realise what we need to improve on for our draft 4 and it’s good to get a second opinion as they might’ve noticed something that we didn’t.

From our feedback we realise we need to add some more transitions and to try add some shots of our stars emotions to portray his loneliness, this feedback helped us so much because as well as the areas we need to improve on, we also need to look at what we have done well and make our improvements get up to this standard. We have taken from this feedback to try make our video more engaging to the audience.

Music video draft 4

This is our draft 4 of our music video.

Some things that we changed from draft 3 to draft 4 were:

  • We colour corrected many of our clips so they are more vibrant. this made the video have a nicer aesthetic as her hair and the orange flowers were a very bright orange. Shows she’s like a flower, elegant and beautiful. The colour correction also made her blue eyes stand out so much.
  • We tried out some more transitions, we decided what ones worked best with our video and what ones looked out of place.

When we got feedback from some peers we thought about all their advice and what we should change with our final draft of our video to have the best outcome that we possibly can.

Shoot 2 reflection

This was our second shoot at candie gardens

What went well:

  • This shoot went much better than our first shoot as we decided what we needed to improve most on and what we needed to get more footage on, to reflect on our targets and make this shoot worthwhile.
  • We managed to include more shots in this shoot as we needed to get a bigger array of shots as we decided that our shoot one we didn’t get enough.
  • Another thing we think went a lot better is the quality of the shots. This is because the lightning was much better as the sun hadn’t set and it was a sunny day which made the footage very clear and colourful, as we planned.

What could have gone better:

  • We decided when we saw the footage that we should have got more extreme close ups, as they are really effective and let the audience get close and personal with our star. This creates a feel of intimacy and intrigues the audience.
  • Another thing we wished to have got more footage of is our star doing some lip syncing.

We also did another shoot on this day in the black studio with our male star. We used the black studio as we were using the UV light this made the uv stand out more on our star and made everything brighter but in the white studio it would have been too bright and not matched up with our video overall.

What went well:

  • The black light made our video have a very nice effect, this made the lip syncing we did very effective and added a very unique feel to the star.
  • The extreme close ups we shot went really well and added a dramatic effect to the video.
  • Our star performed the lip syncing very well and we got most of the footage we needed.

What could have gone better:

  • With some of our shots we used the black light, and some we did not, therefore I think it would’ve been better if we stuck to one lighting technique.
  • We could have used a wider range of shots, although I really liked the shots we filmed, I think we could have got some action shots in this too but I still really like the outcome of this footage.

The shoot went really well in the end and it was very helpful to look back on our targets from the last shoot and improve on them to make this shoot more worth while and to make sure it went the way we planned.

Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

Things that went well:

  • We achieved shots to go in between lip syncing videos and to make the video more aesthetic.
  • We decided to film this video in ‘golden hour’ which gave us a gold effect and the sky looks very pretty and matches with the angels aesthetic, almost heavenly.
  • We were using different equipment and getting comfortable with it, the three axis gimbal gave us some flexibly in the videos and helped us to get many different shots, including one spinning around.

Targets to aim towards

  • Get some lip syncing done and added into the edit.
  • The lighting makes some of the videos look a little bit grainy so we need to be aware of that and possibly shoot earlier on in the day, or we would need to check the ISO and exposure are correct on the camera to make sure the lighting is correct and does not decrease the quality of our video.
  • We need to consider adding in close up and extreme close ups to add a feel of intimacy.
  • Include some narrative in our video so that the viewers can understand what we are trying to portray about both the stars.

Design skills 2

Moving on from getting more videos to put effects on and different transitions and everything, we have added many more effects since “Design skills 1”. We received feedback from specsavers about our video and they suggested different effects we could consider in our edit. This helped us to get more creative and add more effects that work well with the video.

Colour correction

This tool made the whole video a lot brighter and less grey. We added this effect to many shots as it enhanced our models hair and the flowers in the back which match quite well and we wanted them to stand out the most. Only a small change to the colour correct tool would make a big difference and our edit automatically look happier, warm and bright.

We increased the saturation on many of the video which brought out the greens, yellows, oranges and the stars blue eyes.










Adjustment layer











This edit works really well with this clip. It makes us think that our star is dreaming about the angel as he draws her in the sand, they work well together as the flowers are beautiful and so is the angel. This portrays to us how he groups the beautiful flowers and girl in his head that he is dreaming about.

This effect was really easy to use but added a big difference to the video to make the clip of our star look less grey and add a pop of colour.


Since my design skills 1 post, I have learnt many new effect tools and deciding what looks better and fits well with the video and what doesn’t. Even if it is little tweaks towards the end of editing our video like the colour correcting, it made a big difference and makes the whole video very vivid.

Design skills 1

Our first shoot included many different shots to break up the lip syncing areas and to make the video have a good aesthetic, we focused more aesthetics in this shoot because we knew later on in different shoots we would film the narrative side of the video. This then meant that with these areas of videos we played around with different effects to see which ones worked best.

The lightning effect.

This lightning filter definitely has a dramatic look to it and the people we have had a bit of feedback from said that they think it looks really good and fits in with the video perfectly. This effects has a powerful meaning to it, and the effect doesnt look out of place and fits in very well with the shot we decided to use it with. We also tweaked the settings on the effect to get the correct colour to match the aesthetic of the video and match the clip we put it over.




Reversing the video

This was such a simple effect to use but was definitely worth adding in as it matches with our beat in the music and makes the video more interesting and shows how we have used effects in our video and got creative. I also liked how we kept the original video in the edit so she walks down then it goes to the reverse and she looks as if she is walking back up the stairs.




These effects helped us to figure out what fits in with our video well and what doesn’t. We learnt a lot about the different things we can do in the edit and hopefully in our next draft we can get more creative and add different effects into our video.

Risk assessment

Risk assessments are very important to do before doing a shoot as this remind us of all the risks we may face when it comes to film our video in the particular place we wish to film at. This will also tell us how to control the risks so they don’t happen and avoiding an accident while on location. This risk assessment helps my partner and I as we can get organised and learn the potential risks we could come across. this helps us to get organised and also lets people know where we are and also when we will be there if something bad was to happen.

Production Meeting for Shoot 2

For our second shoot, Laura and I are aiming to get some performance (dance) in and a bit of lip syncing with our female model. This shoot will be shot at Candie gardens amongst their bright flower and lovely gardens.

To ensure that we know exactly what we plan to achieve on this shoot, this PMA was very useful to use as we could make sure we have everything we needed for the shoot as we wanted to make sure everything went well and to plan.

We also planned another shoot in the black studio where we used our male model and a UV light to create a glowing effect on him. We made him wear a white t-shirt so that in the videos this would glow luminous and add a different bit of colour compared to flowers. the colours of flowers in the shoot will be orange and the UV light gives off a blue/ purple light which contrast each other, so this shows the two people in the video are living different lives yet still the male model is feeling unrequited love.

Video Narrative Story/Shot sheets

This is our story board that we aimed to follow.

My partner and I found this very useful to look at and organise our shoots according to this storyboard and gave us inspiration as to where the best place is for us to shoot with our models.

We aim to make our video as aesthetically pleasing as we can as we think this will have a good impact on our video and make it look very bright and bold as well as us including the correct bits of narrative we wanted to include.

Although we originally didn’t think of doing a narrative, this story board helped us to think of idea of what we could include in our narrative and to make sure we are organised and know exactly what will fit into our video the most and if it will look good in the genre we are producing the music video for.

We had only made this story board after we had done a few shoots, this definitely would have been more beneficial for us if we planned this out before however, I am still really please how our narrative went and how nicely it fits in with our video and the other shoots we included in the video.

Music Video Draft 2

Draft 2

Feedback and targets for improvement.

  • Add more motion.
  • More graphics.
  • Add more transitions instead of a straight cut.
  • More abstract.

The second draft went really well for me and laura I think as we have progressed so much compared to our draft 1 and it is starting to come together really nicely and with a few more little tweaks that we can work on for our next draft then we should be finishing the video off and liking how we have done it. This feedback is so helpful for us as we can use this and go back over our edit and change things that we didn’t notice ourselves when putting the videos in. Its nice to get a second opinion on the video because they can see things that me and laura might not have noticed.