Test Shoots

This is mine and Laura’s test shoot

What went well:

  • The editing: I liked the editing we used to change the colours and some transitions we included.
  • Using the 3 axis gimbal to create the shot of the flowers and seeing them at eye level.
  • Our content proves that we can create what we planned to do and make it look how we want.
  • We experimented with different equipment to familiarise ourselves for the real thing with equipment like the shoulder mount nd the 3 axis gimbal.

What could have gone better:

  • Different mes-en-scene.
  • Different camera angles.
  • The filters match up when making a transition to make it look more smooth.
  • Match up the video with what story the music is trying to tell.
  • Make the camera smoother as the tracking around the star was a bit shaky.

From this test shoot we have expanded our ideas and what works well and what we could improve if we decide to use certain aspects in the shot. For example, we think that when we played around with the 3 axis gimbal it created a really nice shot and could use this in our real video.

This test shoot definitely helped to expand our ideas and test what was right for our genre and that compliments our style we are going for.

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise

I think my lip sync went well because:

  • I matched up the lip syncing with the music.
  • I got both of us in the video.

I can improve next time by:

  • Make the video longer and including more verses.
  • Make the edit more interesting and switch up between people.
  • To try to get different angles and to make the edit more interesting.
  • directing my performers better and making the video more interesting to watch.
  • the star image in this seems a bit hopeless and so we need to make sure to get the acting of the performers better next time.

I need to make sure I get my lip sync perfect in my music video as this creates more of an effect and shows how the singer connects to the music and feel as if they’re singing it. I think this task benefitted me and my partner because we know how to improve better next time and it was good to have a practise before we shoot the music video that we are going to make and produce.

Music Video Form & Conventions

When doing this task it has made me realise how important mise en scene is when trying to portray an idea.

These are the three different ways music videos can be made by.

Illustration- The narrative in the video very closely echoes the lyrics and the music.

Amplification- The narrative whilst inspired by the song adds a new element to compliment the song.

Disjuncture- The narrative seems to hold very little relationship to the song and seems quite random.

Prelim Task Mood Montage

My Montage Planned

In pairs, we were asked to come up with a montage with a list of phrases to help us to think of ideas. Me and my partner decided to choose the theme, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. For this idea we wanted to do a montage of all everyday things but make them look beautiful. After a few of these videos we will have a model reacting to what they are watching and how impressed they are. The last scene is of the model blinking followed by the trees swaying again then fading out.

The storyboard helped us to plan out exactly what we wanted to do and plan what emotions we wanted to create in the audiences head.

Do you think your montage has an impact?

  • My montage is based on everyday objects and things we do so maybe it will make people think different about the things we do everyday.

Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?

  • With my models blank expression on his face, this shows how he is taking everything in around him and admires these.

How does one specified cuts create meaning?

  • With the eye blinking, this shows how he has captured all the beauty that surrounds us and actually taken notice of it today.

Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?

Do you use repetition of some shots? If so, how do they help communicate your idea?

  • Yes, i used a repetition shot of the trees right at the end and the second shot at the start, they show although we see trees everywhere, they’re significant and highlight their beauty.

What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?

  • I would have ideally liked to have some shots of pretty flowers and or more ugly everyday things to communicate to the audience the significance of it.