Timeline and Marketing ideas

A timeline of our post ideas and how they would look on instagram. 

From creating our social media page we want to make to make sure to attract, interest, create desire and a call to action (AIDA), for the audience. We made this timeline to get ourselves prepared and organised for what we are going to include in our social media page and make sure it sends out the right message to our audience. We aim to create a build up of anticipation and excitement for the audience by giving sneak peaks of our products and the release date for this.

Social Media Page Terminiology

Analysis of Beyonce’s facebook page.

We analysed Beyoncé’s social media page as she is a star similar to ours. This helped us to investigate what conventions and terminology we need to incorporate into our social media page.

Important features to include in a social media page:

  • About section, this gives us information about the artist for the followers.
  • Header image, this is usually the first thing a person would see on the page so it would be beneficial for a ad, promoting the artist.
  • pinned images and videos, this helps the audience engage with the post she wants them to see the most, which again helps with promoting the star and what they wish for the audience to engage with.

Social Media Page Terminology

This is my slideshow analysis Beyoncès social media page

This presentation shows us a similar artist in the same genre as our artist that we picked. From doing this presentation it gives us a good idea as to what we can include on our social media page and what other artists tend to use and how they engage their audience.

Things Beyoncè included in her social media page that we will make sure to add into ours:

  • Information about the artist.
  • Links to the new music videos or any news on stuff about the artist.
  • Trying to engage with the audience.
  • A bright and colourful cover photo.