Our Mission Statement

Your Marketing Strategy

Who is your Audience?

  • Males and females born between 1965 and 1981 (Generation X)
  • Engages with John Constable, H.G. Wells, BBC News at Six, Manfred Mann, Bee Gees, Tom Jones
  • Sarcastic, suspicious of authority and status quo but active, happy, and achieves a work–life balance

A Call to Action

  • Positive engagement to the album and star. Many appealing features to sell the record but to be able to relate to the star.
  • Promotional items for audience to engage with and to purchase.

Who are the competition?

  • The Rolling Stones, Cheese String Incident, Phish
  • Ample colour, minimalistic, artistic
  • Merchandise, music videos, tour dates

Your USP (Unique Selling Point)

  • The group is already established in the modern rock genre, and are trying to both re-imagine the style of the mid 60s early 70s.
  • Our group dabbles in various genres which should hopefully attract a larger audience, we will do this by exhibiting different conventions of psychedelia, rock and roll, and indie.
  • Our group is shifting genre on this particular record with the psychedelic and retro themes alongside the current indie/rock and roll template.
  • Our group are presented as both ordinary and extraordinary as there are conventions different genres (music and style wise). The ‘boy band’ meta narrative paired psychedelic influence means a larger audience will be attained.


Our Mission Statement:

The Empty Trays are the new wave of rock’n’roll, making their appearance on the beat and dominating the airways! Their eclectic style speaks universally to their listeners and breaks the boundaries between past and present. The retro style they specialise in presents a blast from the past!

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