Music Video Draft 3

Above is my third draft of my music video. Upon receiving feedback from our teacher we were able to further improve our faults to make this more refined version of our product.

What’s Been Changed:

  • In prior drafts there was a noticeable repetition of performance shots due to the lack of the aforementioned – this has been amended and new and different clips have replaced them.
  • The lighting varied in some of our shots in our preceding draft so using colour correction we have been able to neutralize this issue and create consistent lighting.
  • Jump cuts have been put in place as to add energy and pace to the video and to adorn our narrative.
  • A filter has been added to bring out some of the colours and create a more official impression.

Peer Feedback:

Elliott Hearne‘Really good storyline, really like the scene transitions and the well balanced performance and narrative. I do think that there are some videos which do not quite work well with the music. Such as lip syncing, guitars, etc.. But apart from that, It is a really good video, loved the song choice and attitude.’

Allan Isakovic‘The video is well synced to the song, I like your narrative. However, in your performance there should be more close-ups on the band members and there surrounding.’

Drew Robilliard ‘Great use of different shot varieties and distances, the jump-cuts are well placed and are interesting. Needs to be finished, needs a more warm filter to further develop the rustic style.’

Chloe Torode The pace stays similar throughout the video. The MES also works well. Add more movement/transitions (like when Drew is sat on wall). Play around with colour as its a little too orange.’

Targets For Improvement:
  • More close-ups and complex shots of the band members in performance.
  • Add a filter to make it seem more professional and give a vintage embellishment.
  • Increase movement and maybe transitions.



Feedback from Teacher

Things to Improve:

  • Synchronization of the main guitar riff.
  • Further and more detailed filming of Trystan knitting – perhaps a close-up of the needles.
  • Increase the complexity of shots by filming more – brings a closer connection to Drew.
  • Remove the repeated clip of Drew on the beach, which can be done in a second shoot.
  • Add match on action shots of Drew doing things such as putting the telephone on the clapper.
  • The shot of Drew in the cupboard is good yet unfortunately out of focus.
  • More shots of Drew in the skip to add more context – too ambiguous.
  • More shots of the main guitar riff as we repeat the same shot on different occasions.
  • Have a more final ending – the band all sat together reading the finished book and the scarf fully knitted.
  • Add more jump to close-ups of both Drew and Trystan to increase intimacy.

What Went Well:

  • The weirdness of the shots of Drew.
  • The walking on the beach jump cuts worked well.
  • Despite the simplicity of the narrative, it works ably with our video.
  • The current overall outcome of the video is also praised upon.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

This is my second draft of my music video for the song Paperback Writer; as this is a draft there is still many things to be improved upon.

What Went Well:

  • Our focus was to manifest Drew as unduly curious which I believe was successful in this draft.
  • Despite colour correcting which still needs to be done the video transitions are almost seamless.
  • We horizontally mirrored the clip of Drew crossing the zebra crossing – a great intertextual reference to Abbey Road.

What Needs to Be Changed:

  • Thorough and smooth stabilization of pan shots.
  • Film more of the narrative shots from different angles – we must do another shoot and make them more complex and give more perspectives thus more interesting.
  • Ace the colour corrections. This is a crucial part in making the video seem more complete and give the sense of togetherness and consistency.

What Has Been Improved:

  • Use shorter shots to add pace and energy to the video.
  • The duration of narrative shots has been shortened due to adding the narrative shots which was certainly a beneficial change.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Our narrative shoot took us to a miscellany of locations ranging in absurdity to manifest Drew obtaining inspiration from a wide range of places showing his creative journey and writers block. This shoot took us to Fermain Bay, the surrounding cliff paths, areas of shrubbery, and finally locations at school. Although we had an idea for our shoot, many of the shots were filmed forthwith – the spontaneity resulting in many bizarre shots. Despite this, the lack of preparation contributed to having a lack of shots which let this shoot down.

What Went Well:

  • The intent of getting bizarre shots was a success.
  • Drew’s lively and high-spirited personality alongside his background in drama resulted in vibrant shots.

Targets for Improvement:

  • Include shots with higher complexity. More match on action, same shot from different angle etc.
  • More shot distances, there was a lack of close-up shots so include for next time.

Risk Assessment

Above is my risk assessment for my narrative shoot on the 20th June, we use this as a facility to comprehend and assess all of the risks that could occur when out shooting and how to minimize it as much as we can to ensure no injuries or damaged equipment.