Design Skills 1

After the location shoot and studio shoot I felt more comfortable technically with using a DSLR cameras, for example the skills which I learnt was that how considering different angles whilst taking the image can communicate a whole different meaning and story behind one image. The photoshoots we have done helped me a learnt in improving my skills with a DSLR and understanding my model and how to position them to create a meaning story behind the image in terms of a poses for example.

Using that photos that I have taken in my photoshoots, I have created my front cover draft for my music magazine as well as my contents page draft for my music magazine. I will be using my images in DTP programmes. such as Photoshop and InDesign to construct all the conventions of a front page and contents page and make the draft’s themselves.


The first part of my front cover was that I had to cut out my model which I used Photoshop for, I used the quick selection tool which makes a selection around the desired entity then after the selection is made I pressed CTRL+J which cuts out the selection and puts the cutout on another layer. To give a refined edge so the edge is in detail I pressed on the refine edge tool and click and dragged around the hair which was the place I wanted refined and now the selection will be more refined.

In Photoshop after cutting out my model, I applied a white stroke around my model under the blending options, then after that I applied a ripple effect which is under Filter>Distort>Ripple which can be seen on the image below and went straight onto my front cover.


In my contents page I went for the same type of layout and design on my model, in photoshop I cut out my model which was the same process as my front cover. I chose the same effect on my model as I did on my front page as I felt it suited the contents page well and looked good.

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