Prelim Montage

This is my montage that I have created on a whole school day, the shots were taken some by me and some by my partner who I was working with and I believe that most the shots were decently composed as well as this task helping the learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro. I individually edited the whole video, I played around with tools in Premiere Pro for example the colors,transitions as well as playing with the marking of the shots in terms of where and when I wanted the clip to start and end. I believe edited the video well on the whole but not happy with the overall finished outcome for example, there were was a shot where I zoomed in onto the persons face to capture her reaction and realize here that the camera work wasn’t professional and good in addition to learning conventionally that zooming in shots and things like that is done much better on the editing software being Adobe Premiere Pro in this case. As well as the video being too long, it was supposed to be 30 seconds but ended a 2:50 video which wasn’t good, also we should’ve included a wider variety of shots, as the majority of our shots consisted of medium and close up shots However, I have learnt a lot with this task for example :

  • Color Corrections
  • Transitions
  • Effects e.g Zooming
  • Video Clips

Here is the plan/storyboard that we had to make before recording our video, this tells what we want happening in each clip and how we want each clip to be composed as directors of the video. This would help us as directors giving more clarity and knowledge on what and how we require of each clip.

Click for full Plan

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